Sunday, August 11, 2013

SUNDAY, AUGUST 11, 2013 - NOTICE: Zuma Dogg has wrapped his discussions on this matter. Reporters/Bloggers/Media: Calls to ZD on this matter, for follow-up discussion will not be returned. Please do not call with a request. All current interviews, for next week, have been canceled. HERE ARE MY COMMENTS=USE THE PASSAGE, BELOW and see THIS POST -  FEDERAL RULING: Los Angeles City Council BROKE LAW in Censoring Public Speaker, Zuma Dogg - READ FULL SUMMARY JUDGEMENT & YouTube STATEMENT FROM Zuma Dogg, HERE


ZUMA DOGG MAKES THE POINT -- AND MOVES/CARRIES ON=FEDERAL RULING THAT #LACityCouncil BROKE LAW in CENSORSHIP of ZUMA NOT a personal story about Zuma Dogg vs City Council. HERE IS THE MESSAGE FROM ZUMA DOGG: "L.A. Council has Angelinos brainwashed like cult leaders, that The People are not getting their full range of expression/are being chilled/silenced/censored by Council, which gives them a free pass, cause much of what could be said, about them and projects/decisions, is not being allowed to be said, Imagine if folks could REALLY tell council what they think...they might not try to get away with some of this stuff, in such insulated comfort and might think twice. They just DESTROYED the city, with full knowledge, and had duct tape on The People's mouth, like hostages. It's called, "a chilling effect in the political legal word (and horror film genre). The extent of which I had to walk a mental tightrope, with council winds blowing -- for being off topic and other nonsense, which sure does break your train of thought (at the judge notes), really DID have a chilling/censorship effect. AND, it was ALL ILLEGAL=ALL THOSE YEARS. I wonder why the media/bloggers/activists I tried to get to help expose this, would have said something. Meanwhile, your TRUE OUTRAGE should be the amount of L.A. City time and GENERAL FUND is being spent to prepare for the jury trial to award my damages. (A LOT MORE THAN I PROPOSED TO SETTLE FOR, a couple years ago, when I tried to get people to report on this, to end the wasteful spending. WAIT TILL YOU HEAR THE TOTAL COST of Zuma Dogg vs L.A. City Hall...and the clock continues to tick as the city's general fund continues to bleed. City is COMMITTED TO SPENDING WHATEVER IT TAKES WITH AN ENDLESS BOTTOMLESS PIT OF YOUR TAXPAYER MONEY TO KEEP SPENDING ON THIS, after they ALREADY LOST -- and the Jan. 2014 jury trial is only for a jury to decide how much the city owes me in damages. STAY SILENT, SHEEP-PEOPLE OF LOS ANGELES. Just pay the new taxes they will hit you with to pave the streets, while they spend the money they have on attorney fees."

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