Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Zuma Dogg's L.A. Daily Blog For Thursday, August 7, 2014: Garcetti vs LAPD Chief Beck? - Obama vs U.S.? - Hear What #MichaelSavage (#SavageNation) Has To Say (They Don't Air His Show In L.A. -- ONLY REST OF U.S.A.)

AUGUST 2014: An article about Zuma Dogg & City of Los Angeles. Here's an article by the original L.A. political blogger (Mayor Sam) who followed/reported on the ENTIRE #ZumaDogg City Hall Era. (This is just over ONE issue.) Here's the YouTube playlist with the City Hall/Public Comment video history.


Anyway, when I think of things these days regarding the state of the city, I ask myself, "What did Zuma Dogg tell us 3-5-10 years ago?" Fortunately, I can easily search the archives of Mayor Sam or one of Zuma's many blogs to find just that. Or even a Google search turns up a treasure troveAlarcon once said he didn't want Zuma Dogg dictating policy. But in the end, Zuma Dogg was right about so many things and Alarcon is now a convicted criminal. READ FULL ARTICLE ON MAYOR SAM'S BLOG (See the video below, in this post, too.) 

U.S. HISTORY (See article)ZD's City Hall - "Public Comment" YouTube page (The History, going down in reality, real time.) This former L.A. City Councilman, (now a convicted criminal, as of July 2014) WHINING about me on LIVE TV=I'm the bad guy?
TV/MOVIE SCRIPT by @ZumaDogg: "Kingpin!": Aaron Sorkin-style script based on ZD's City Hall experience 2006-2012 (The Villaraigosa/Garcetti Years). The names have been changed to protect the guilty. THIS IS A REALLY GOOD READ, that is ALL based on REAL & TRUE STORIES. (See also: "The Godfather"/"The Sorpranos.")  ENTIRE "KINGPIN!!" SCRIPT on SINGLE WEB PAGE.

ZUMA DOGG'S "Zuma Dogg"=#MichaelSavage/#SavageNation (Sorry, Dr. Savage...these are my readers, most of whom probably (maybe) heard of you, at best. I'm rollin' out the red carpet for you! (So lucky!): ON ALL MAJOR MARKETS, EXCEPT L.A.: Most heard talk-radio host in U.S.A. Hear full episodes: Michael Savage YouTube Page (Full Shows)

 (ALL #National Politics Is #Local...isn't THAT the saying?): Zuma Dogg recaps/paraphrases Michael Savage on WHY is shipping diseased illegals into U.S. AND Full Savage Radio Show on YouTube: Read & Listen:

Now that Mayor Garshady is having do hit piece on Chief Beck, to pave way for ERIC's pick=HERE'S PICK!

FREUDIAN?: When says="unfair to bring family under scrutiny," when the family member IS an  officer=PROVES he expects SPECIAL TREATMENT FOR HIS FAMILY=THE PROBLEM IN THE FIRST PLACE! DOH!

: Destroyed full-time/ObamaCare LIES/Spies on U/weapons to MexiGangs/Fires Military/Erases border/imports diseased illegals. TERROR ATTACK OR U.S. PREZ?

=Sent weapons to Gangs+Fired Military/reduces to low levels amidst increased risk+erased border/imports disease/illegals=TERROR ATTACK OR U.S. PREZ?

AUGUST 06, 2014: Been working past week to make my site perfectly balanced w POLITICS/MUSIC/COMEDY:  I'm happy with it=TODAY!

AUGUST 07, 2014: Can't jam 2006-2014 into one blog post, for new readers. This is good starting point/enough for right now, cause a lot of content/links on this blog to check, in addition to this post-update.

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