Monday, December 15, 2014

Zuma Dogg - "2014 Year-End Holiday MEGA-Post" (Music/Comedy/Pop Culture/Politics) NEW CONTENT JUST ADDED!

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"The Zuma Dogg Show" 
Music/Comedy/Pop Culture: Street Reality TV from L.A./Venice Beach, CA
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"KINGPIN" (SCRIPT): REAL LIFE POLITICAL CORRUPTION in Hollywood Script Form: Fictional read=based on REAL LIFE L.A./S.F. POLITICAL CORRUPTION (Real stories/names changed to protect the guilty): "Kingpin" (Based on ZD's City Hall/Gadfly/Investigative 2006-2010 Era) "Kingpin" on EZ Read, Single Blog Page.

HISTORY OF CALIFORNIA PENSION FRAUD (Audio): ZD interviews pension insider/exposes all! Most popular ZD talk show. (Also see: "Kingpin!" script.)

I'm SMAT! (Not like they say.) A lot of people, across the world, like THIS. (Still my most read/viewed content): QUALITY & PRODUCTIVITY Read/Video: "Interpreting Deming's 14 Points"

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