Thursday, July 2, 2015 July 2015 Update/Contact Info/Links

Comin' straight off the #Venice boardwalk. L.A.'s real-life, "Wayne's World" -- turned free speech advocate/political kingpin; when City of Los Angeles violated ZD's (and everyone else's) civil rights at Venice Beach boardwalk & city council chambers. The ORIGINAL Reality TV show/pop culture blog; on the political/free speech tip: #ZumaDoggShow on You Tube

"Legend"/KABC - "Brain-seizing, Superstar, Icon"/LA Weekly - "Treasure"/LA Times -"Heroic"/AM 870 - "Crusader"/Mayor of L.A. - "Malibu Celebrity"/Malibu Times - "We gotta get ZD on the show."/Howard Stern

JULY 2015: Contact; to book ZD LIVE for your event; or for TV/movie inquiries. 

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