Thursday, April 7, 2016

Zuma Dogg Tweets About L.A. City Hall (April 08, 2016 Edition) #PoliticallyIncorrect

THIS WEEK is 10 year anniversary (April 4, 2006) of Zuma Dogg's first trip to city hall, to meet #Venice councilman Bill Rosendahl; then first public comment, ever. (The rest is municipal/State/Federal history.) Here are some highlights/tweets about today's politics.

  1. ZD="More brilliant than Brietbart"/LAWeekly "Free speech crusader"/MayorGarcetti. "Stunned. Never seen anything like him"/CouncilPrez Wesson
  2. =Changed L.A. politics, forever; by making city hall/council follow FEDERAL law/exposed corruption as never before/spawned others.
  3. Don't think you can re-recreate the result, anymore; to generate buzz/top-of-mind, as I did, past decade, as L.A. political voice.
  4. WHAT MATTERS MOST, to MORON Democrap voters. Millennial woman says to me, "I'm voting for Bernie. He said, "I LOVE you,' at the L.A. rally!"
  5. Kids these days, don't have to think/use imagination or mind, at all=just popped in front of constant stream of funtainment, via device! BAD
  6. Check my most popular song. A funky, simple song for kidz; that adults like. music fun=! RT
  7. First time in my life, I'm TOTALLY disconnected from my entire life & burnt-out beyond functionality. All I have is your memory of my past.
  8. I REALLY wanna hold it together. On 10 year anniversary of ZD becoming public (gadfly) figure in L.A., I see I'm stuck w it=wanna honor it.
  9. I'm glad, but SERIOUSLY, the amount that is mentioned in life/legacy=disproportional, even to narcissist, like me.
  10. U.S. terrorist, says, "yeah, he's a white guy, sorry," about court nominee; then flies to L.A. to ask white guys for money. LOL
  11. Can creepy-ass, -puppet, campaign withstand his phone number being on D.C. madam's phone records? Ted=as bad as !
  12. You know what? SERIOUSLY FUCK that dumb, chimpanzee look-a-like, U.S. terrorist, for saying, "Yeah, he's white, sorry." ?
  13. CLASS(less) ACT! Obama Jokes about Supreme Court Pick: 'Yeah, He's a White Guy, Sorry!' (He's SO ashamed/conflicted over his all-white dad.)
  14. are gonna have to YANK and insert . It's OVER for the era, political establishment. VERY over!
  15. I REALLY hope doesn't run for Governor=I'm #1 blogger/knower of all the dirt on his career. Don't wanna start THAT up, again.
  16. DIFFERENT layout than my official site , check my video blog, . Like Netflix + ComedyCentral.
  17. CHECK this music vid of my #1 song, "First Song." LOOK how it appears all these people are around me! !
  18. Poor Rosendahl: After the pioneer life he led; and for all he did=he's stuck w as part of his legacy. LOL
  19. VID: Former Mayor . Captures Bill's life/spirit! mention @ 15:40. ThankU!
  20. Hear audio of Ms. Champion of Women, , bragging/laughing how she got rapist of 12 yr old girl (she knew he did it) off hook.
  21. The greatest pop-culture site, ever; by greatest pop-culture artist, ever. Check "Brain-seizing artistry"/
  22. # : Just found: meets , for first time/first handshake. (10 yrs ago, this week)
  23. 10 years ago, this week, meets , for first time: "Who's that, hiding back there?" SEE VIDEO:
  24. NOTE: When giving a quote on someone who passed away (); DON'T start with, "I didn't always like him..." () DOH!
  25. Kinda like when you KNOW a family member is doing crime and you worry/KNOW they are gonna get busted= Herb Wesson's Office/FBI
  26. : Saying you can't block sidewalks w six suitcases and a shopping cart does NOT criminalize homelessness. Irrational claim
  27. Honored= included me in their vid. Picture they use IS the conversation that led to him helping:
  28. Check article on . He lived a Forrest Gump/pioneer life. ZD aspect=WAY over-represented; yet, LOVE it.
  29. This week=10 year anniversary since first public comment. Enjoyed today's council meeting=saw a bunch of people from past decade.

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