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Zuma's LA Daily Blog NEWS WIRE for Thursday

Oh no...he's saying exactly what he should be saying to help calm people down who are scared that he's a developer!...

2008-09-caruso_small.jpg"[Rick Caruso] criticizes proponents of smart growth for pushing density as the solution to the city’s livability problems. 'You can’t just solve the traffic problem by saying we’re going to become denser, or have housing on top of retail, next to a bus stop or a subway. People still need to get around.'"That's one of many sound bites from Caruso, who was profiled in last week's LA Weekly (unfortunately, you don't get to hear more about his ideas for development), and who may very well be running for Mayor.

LA Observed caught up with Caruso last night, and reports that the developer will make a decision by the end of next week. [LA Weekly/LA Observed]

NY council likely to extend term limit for Bloomberg

NEW YORK (Reuters) - New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn said council members are likely to approve a move to extend a two-term limit later on Thursday, allowing Mayor Michael Bloomberg to seek four more years in office.


California's low payments to foster parents violate federal Child Welfare Act, judge rules

Payments fall below the amount needed to generate matching funds. State is ordered to determine the cost of care.

California's payments to foster parents are so low that the state is in violation of the federal Child Welfare Act, a federal judge in San Francisco ruled Wednesday.

via Zuma's LA Daily Blog by (zuma dogg) on 10/22/08

via News by (Rick Orlov, Staff Writer) on 10/22/08
Voicing the same anger and frustration residents have experienced in the battle against digital billboards, the Los Angeles City Council on Wednesday complained over the time it has taken for its own agencies to investigate how many signs are in the city and the cost to inspect them.

Villaraigosa Joins Zuma Dogg in Calling For "Special Event Fee Waiver" MORATORIUM

via News by (Troy Anderson, Staff Writer) on 10/22/08
The stock market crisis has battered Los Angeles County's public-employee pension plan so badly that taxpayers may have to pay an additional $500million a year by 2011 to prop up the system, according to a report by the Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Association.

Inept Laughing Stock Los Angeles City Council Loses Quorum AGAIN Before Finishing City Businesss (QUIT KISSING SO MUCH ASS AND TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS)

Children as young as five will be given sex education under Government plans to cut teenage pregnancy and sexually-transmitted diseases.

via L.A. Times - Education on 10/23/08
The California pension fund's value has fallen 20% since July 1. The loss could lead to increased contributions from state and local government and school district employers.

Volatile stock and commodities markets have slashed the portfolio value at the nation's largest public pension fund by about 20% since July 1, the California Public Employees' Retirement System reported Wednesday.

via Business on 10/23/08
The number of homeowners ensnared in the foreclosure crisis grew by more than 70 percent in the third quarter of this year compared with the same period in 2007.

via Curbed LA by Dakota on 10/23/08

Foreclosure filings -- default notices, auction sale notices and bank repossessions -- were reported on 265,968 properties in September, a 12 percent decrease from the previous month but still a 21 percent increase from September 2007, according to a report released Thursday.

State's decline is worst in the nation, says First American LoanPerformance

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