Saturday, December 20, 2008

Some Good Reasons To Vote "NO" on Measure B (Solar Energy BONDoggle)

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There is a more efficient way to produce more solar power AND at a lower
cost using better technology - but if Prop B passes - the City will be
forced to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on outdated technology
that benefits no one but the people who paid to put this on the ballot.

This multi-billion dollar plan was placed on the ballot at the last
minute as the result of City Hall backroom dealings.

There were no public hearings and no engineering and operational input
from DWP. The Council did not consider the impact on Ratepayers, the
overall cost of this massive project, or the impact on the already burdened
infrastructure. Our rates were just raised 24%!

It is just another one of these tricky deals that says it’s about solar
energy and workforce development.

The LA Times wrote, “This rush to the ballot has the scent of swindle
about it."

The Council's own analyst explained that it would be better for the DWP to design a solar
plan with the public’s involvement and then have the Council vote on an ordinance. It’s
really that easy.

Trade union members, environmentalists, solar equipment manufacturers, DWP Ratepayers,
and citizens are disgusted with secret self-serving deals that favor special interests,
in this case the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

· IBEW was the Mayor’s largest financial supporter.

· IBEW will be handed the entire “contract.” There is no competitive bidding.

· Other skilled trade unions can do the work more efficiently.

· The IBEW monopoly will cost Ratepayers hundreds of millions _extra_, which could
be better used to buy additional solar power!

Don’t be fooled by City Hall. Demand honesty and transparency.

MARCH 3, 2009:

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