Saturday, December 13, 2008

Zuma Dogg Can Tell You, Villaraigosa DOES NOT Have The Supporter He Used To, Cause They Are Now Calling "Zuma Dogg" (Now That He Is On The Ballot)

I know that there are a lot of W*lter M**re supporters out there, who think that he is the most viable candidate because he has $200,000, or so and has been running ads on a couple AM talk radio stations; so some of those people know about him and they talk about him on those two radio stations (where he is running ads, as well)...

But, y'all better recognize that Zuma Dogg has maintained all along, that I don't need that ad budget (although it would be nice, and it still may present itself to my campaign). I've told my friends who have expressed concern about my chances, since currently I have no money, that I have already done my "homework" (my campaigning) over the past two and a half years by; simply appearing at the council meetings that are broadcast on City TV 35 (four airings per meeting -- times two or three meetings a week); making frequent radio calls to Mr. KABC, Kevin James, Doug McIntyre, among others; airing my public access TV show for eight years (see LA Weekly article); massive blogging; and all the other TV/newspaper/radio/media coverage.

AND NOW, some of it may be coming back to me in a good way, as people contact Zuma Dogg, wanting to talk to their community, to let me know what issue is most important to them, ask how I feel about it, and hear what else I have to say (summarized here.)

Besides your ordinary individuals (many of whom are a part of other community organizations) who ask Zuma Dogg questions about what I stand for; a couple interesting groups from within some very diverse communities have contacted (some who have met with) Zuma Dogg to express their willingness to endorse and support Zuma Dogg for Mayor based on what they have seen, heard and read in the various media mediums mentioned above.

This means having their printing people make up a whole bunch of "Zuma Dogg For Mayor" signs; or having their community go door to door for Zuma Dogg...ALL THE STUFF THEY DID FOR ANTONIO VILLARAIGOSA, LAST TIME!

I know a lot of snobs out there think they are too fancy-schmancy with their nose all up in the air, to support Zuma Dogg publicly. Don't worry. I still love you, and many of you may actually vote for ZD when the curtain is closed. You can go ahead and keep supporting whoever it is you support. It's a losing bandwagon to nowhere.

So, maybe it should comfort you to know, that these are the people who helped make it happen for Villaraigosa -- first time around.

And now, not only won't they be supporting him; they will be working against him, by supporting Zuma Dogg. Yeah, he didn't piss-off EVERY ONE of his supporters. Just TONS of them. And these aren't just the type of people who support W***** M****. These people are highly organized and energetic and youthful and really get out there and knock on doors and canvas their communities (Villar's territory). They don't just show up at some meeting and preach to their own thirty-member choir.


ZD is thrilled that people have been paying attention, and are now turning to me and supporting me as the only serious hope of rocking Villar's boat. (I know Walter supporters feel HE is the only serious hope to defeat Villar, but those people need to do some REAL CityWide market research.

I am seeing that once you are on the ballot, and in this election where there is no "Rick Caruso/Richard Riordan" billionaire in the race, and the only other name (W***** M****) is a little too niched and extremist in message to fully resonate at a mass appeal, Citywide level (because it's a big, big -- diverse, diverse community)...ZUMA DOGG IS THE ONLY HOPE FOR THE FRUSTRATED, UNDER-SERVED AND MIS-REPRESENTED COMMUNITY.

And many of the issues people throw at you for an answer are not comfortable or simple to talk about. The most passionate people, with the biggest amount of "helpers" always seems to be the issues any politician would most like to avoid. And HELL YEAH, Zuma Dogg would like to avoid them. But if you are mayor, you cannot avoid them. So I may as well learn to deal with all diverse factions of the community, now. You really have to be sure to take the time and patience to get past the harsh, aggressive activist shell -- and not just throw these issues under the bus.

Because many of these people have brought legitimate, compassionate issues to my attention that someone like me would never have know about otherwise. (Because I am not affected by them, or in the areas where these are important issues.)

So although I am not going to start "selling-out" to every non-profit organization or community group that wants to offer their support, I can see I am going to have to start meeting with a lot of people in new circles I was not familar with. And they are trying to feel me out to make sure I am sincere and not some phony who will say anything to anyone (the way Villaraigosa did).

AND, even if I cannot cram every single issue (of everyone who contacts me to offer support) into my three minute campaign speech for City TV 35, because I have to address the BIGGEST PICTURE issues affecting as many people Citywide...

It feels to me, like enough people are mad enough at Villaraigosa; and know enough about Zuma Dogg already (where I stand and what is important to me as mayor) to jump on board and offer to roll out the printing press to print up signs and help get the word out in the communities Zuma Dogg has never even been through.

Zuma Dogg For

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