Tuesday, April 7, 2009

City of Los Angeles May Pass Ordinance REQUIRING Civilian City Employees To Pay More Into LACERS Pension Fund

FIRST, read this, ZD's massive analysis of the City of Los Angeles' massive budget crisis.

It has been said, regarding the $7 Billion LACERS pension loss, a required part of the solution, I REPEAT...a REQUIRED part of the solution...is to have city workers pay more into the pension fund. (Of course that is not something they will agree to on their own.)

So, I was just reviewing City legislation to see what can be done about this crisis, since I see no leaders, only followers, and discovered that an ordinance can be passed by council to REQUIRE civilian city employees to PAY MORE MONEY INTO THEIR LACERS pension and retirement fund.

So you heard it here first:

YOU WILL SEE CITY COUNCIL PASS THIS ORDINANCE. (And the timing is of an URGENT nature, so look for that between now and May.)

Now mock it, criticize it, scoff it, deny it, turn your back on it and denounce it, as you have been doing each and every step of the way. But you would tell Rainmain it was 300 toothpicks, not 296, you arrogant, pompous, always wrong, combative dummies.

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