Sunday, May 3, 2009

Comment Moderate Turned OFF on LA Daily Blog, For Now.

Someone has made the request for Zuma to turn the comment moderation to help speed along some information processes regarding the CALPERS (California) PENSION SCANDAL, that also includes NEW YORK.

So let's give it a shot, and I guess I'll just have to waste more of my life moderating in real time. And I WILL delete any nutty and wasteful comments as I f*cking feel like it, so don't be a crybaby when your shady personal attacks ON ANYONE are deleted and you lose the rest of whatever point you may have been making within the deleted comment. THIS IS NOT A PUBLIC MEETING AT CITY HALL. This is my own private blog, so don't try hollerin' that crybaby stuff, cause that'll be the FIRST stuff to go. (You don't like it, DO NOT READ THE COMMENT SECTION OF THIS BLOG.)

So, like Rick Ocasek once said,...Oh, I already used that one today. And since this is a short post, here are the most recent posts on LA Daily Blog.

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