Thursday, May 28, 2009

COUNCIL MEETING AUDIO: City Pension Expert Explains How Villaraigosa "PACKS" Pension Board (Blueprint For $7 Billion Pension Corruption!)

I know Councilmember Dennis Zine will be on Doug McIntryre's 790 KABC/Los Angeles morning drive radio show on Friday to talk about the pension scandal that City Council finally addressed this week, after numerous public comment requests by Zuma Dogg. It was the DREAM agenda item of all time for Big ZD, because a panel of the three city pension funds and their experts were forced to admit all the stuff Zuma Dogg has been complaining about. HA HA! No one can ever say I am not completey, 100% DEAD ON THE (DEAD) MONEY ON THIS ONE! And it's the BIGGEST "ONE" OF ALL TIME!

Point is, although it will be a great introductory discussion of this matter on Doug's show, I know the Councilmember won't really be able to get into the true details of the shadiness (on the mayor's part and lay it all out the way ZD is able to as someone who not only studied it beyond anything anyone would want to understand, but because it's COMPLETELY understandable that a Councilmember isn't going to rock the boat THAT hard. (So maybe Doug will give me a couple minutes to fill in some of the "in between" details on Villar's scheme after Dennis hangs up.

HOWEVER, I don't know if Doug will have audio from the meeting, but here are two clips I went back and found from the meeting that may be helpful in preparation of the segment and it is cleared by the Brown Act for airing.

LISTEN TO THIS ONE ON "PACKING" OF THE PENSION BOARD!!! It explains how this scheme occurs as chronicled by Zuma Dogg as it was happening under Mayor Villaraiogsa.
“City Pension Expert Explains Villariaogsa Pension Board "PACKING"”
"I don't think one person should have this authority."
"I can get the five votes whenever I want them."

“City Pension Expert Explains Various Levels of Pension Investments and Risk Levels.."

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