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I've never blogged harder under worse homeless circumstances. But at least it's worth it, because the blog has never been ranking this high up on Blog Net News STATEWIDE ranker. PEOPLE ARE CHECKING IN TO READ ABOUT THE CITY HALL CORRUPTION THAT NO ONE ELSE IS COVERING! If you can help, just pretend it's a newspaper, and PayPal a mere .75 cents, like a newspaper, as a "good karma" sign to the staff of LA Daily Blog.

OVERALL THIS WEEK: The curtain fell down HARD on L.A. City Hall corruption, in my opinion, in a way I haven't seen in the three years I have been following Villaraiogsa and City Council.

First of all, more mainstream media coverage of George, the Numero Uno grocery store mogul, who is facing a FEDERAL life sentence for things that include bribery of a City Hall planning commissioner; and talk of piles of money being handed out in the same weekly stomping ground of Zuma Dogg (City Hall). Although I'm SURE the mayor is not at all thinking about this, at all, and is not at all concerned about this, because although he used to hang out with George the mogul, with Fabian Nunez in Santa Barbara at Santa Ynez Horse Ranch, is no reason one would suspect any ties.

Secondly, the harvest of my effort (being the only guy talking about this all along) sees to be manifesting in real time, as two Villaraigosa-appointed pension commissioners are now being investigated by Security and Exchange Commission (SEC); and another of his pension boys RESIGNED over City Councilmember Jack Weiss' City Attorney Campaign Fundraiser, that he NEVER should have been a part of. And now, a Judge may be making the same finding in court.

Thirdly, all of this has helped generate massive momentum for City Attorney candidate Carmen Trutanich, who has the politcal shady machine against the ropes, this week.

And of course, the mayor continues to try and gain support for his FAKE budget that is awaiting City Council approval, even though they will be voting "yes" based on a completely fantasy, un-realistic, no-chance wish list, that includes $80 million in a "parking revene sell-off" scheme that has not only NOT been approved yet, but most likely won't provide that much, even if it is approved. The more that comes out about this budget, the more you can see how it is all padded with future speculative stuff, that REALLY cannot be counted on because the city will be taking in MUCH less revenue than they are accounting for. (We all know the commercial real estate market is about to tank, and as more and more local businesses tank along with it.

Because, OH YEAH, Villaraigosa's TOP CAMPAIGN contributor (when he was ELECTED mayor in 2005) Richard Meruelo's Muruelo-Maddux has gone bankrupt! They are (one of) the biggest real estate operators Downtown. THAT'S A LOT OF COMMERCIAL PROPERTY!!! As an economist, I am told, "You can only lie, cheat and steal for so long" regarding this story, so look for a HUGE FEDERAL investigation into the downfall. THE GUY WAS VILLARAIOGSA'S TOP CONTRIBUTOR...wonder what we will find and the bottom of THIS one? (Probably a bunch of no-interest loans that will never be paid back, or a bunch of money in CRA projects that may have been approved when Villaraigosa's cousin (now Assemblyman, thanks to his Uncle Antonio's politically thuggish help) John Perez was on the CRA board?!?!

SO IT'S MUCH WORSE THAN IT LOOKS ON VILLARAIOGOSA'S FAKE PAPER BUDGET, and it's going to be much more painful. And we find out that no one did A GOSH DARN THING as Villaraiogsa-appointed, City Council approved pension commissioners LOST $7 BILLION in City pension money, and the city will be forced into bankruptcy in 2013 as up to 56% of every city dollar goes to this pension bailout. (See LACERS.)

So remember, don't support Jack Weiss, who is Villaraigosa's hand picked City Attorney candidate who is being financially backed by the pension commissioners and investment firms who just lost all the money and are now being investigated by SEC.

Overall, not a good week for the mayor and his chances of even THINKING of running for Governor. Here;s how it went down on LA Daily Blog.

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