Friday, May 15, 2009

More Insider Emails From ZD's Wetherly Capital PENSIONGATE Insider

[Pictured: A helicopter (along with small boat) were parked outside my Wetherly Pensiongate scandal source's ocean front home yesterday (following up last week's appearance.]

So much fascinating information pouring into Zuma Dogg's "PensionGate" headquarters, here at LA Daily Blog, that I set up a side blog ( so that I can post a lot of the background "connect the dot" articles from across the internet ALONG WITH excerpts from some very compelling emails to me by an insider who not only was on retainer with Wetherly Captial, and sat in on board meetings (see excerpt below) but appears to me that he may in fact be the consulting architect who came up with all this shady stuff now being blogged about, starting back in 2001.

[Page 2 of 2001 memo from Mr. Source to Wetherly Capital.]

The guy who sent me that memo is the one who tipped me to Julio Ramirez's name, relating to Wetherly/Dan Weinstein a couple days before he plead "guilty" to security fraud. AND, has sent me about 1,000,000 words worth of emails between he and William H. Jackson, the Villaraigosa-appointed Chairman of the Board of the CRA (Community Redevelopment Agency) responsible for "eminent domain" decisions and the wonderful boondoggle "Grand Ave Project." Jackson also, so happens, has a LOOOOOOOONG past with Wetherly Capital as their attorney.

[Pictured: Sources home the helicopter was buzzing on Thursday.]

Zuma Dogg,

I take it that you are not going to make it down to [location] today in time for the art show reception at [location]?

You also know that the vast majority of people reading this communiqué, not just here in the U.S. but around the world including places like Peru, China, South Africa and Israel, could care less what a street person such as yourself has to say, and before you say to yourself, “I know , but don’t care, blah blah” remind yourself that I, someone who has huge credibility amongst the world’s top movers and shakers, cares deeply about the fact that despite your limited resources, constantly hungry, constantly on the edge, never whining just getting on with business, you find a communication of mine going back to April 20th of 2004 to a not exactly “nobody” intimately involved in the finances of both the State of California and the US Federal Government.

[ZD: Thank you! Thank you! Yes, I found the critical 2004 document and recognized the significance that most would find innocuous! I posted it in a comment section yesterday on this blog for safe keeping.]

You do understand that I don’t expect to be alive when presenting my-our case of treason against the corrupt US Congress et al, and why I live this life with a constant smile on my face knowing without feeling the need to get any confirmation from anyone, that I have truth on my side.

Notice how the corrupt “powers that be” who are being exposed at Internet light-speed have not yet even managed to stop you ferreting out such important information considering.

October 8th, 2001 was the first board meeting of the Wetherly Capital Group that I attended and where I received a copy of that most incriminating “voter fraud” document [posted on this blog, see Julio Ramires/Simon "special situation fund" posts] detailing the connection between Richard Dick Ziman’s Wetherly Capital Group with extraordinarily close ties to former Democratic California Gray Davis, and William Simon, the son of the billionaire former Secretary of the Treasury, who was the Republican candidate for Governor in the upcoming November 2002 Gubernatorial elections.

I arrived some 15 minutes late for October 8th “strategy meeting” which was held in the office next to the Chairman of the Board of the Wetherly Capital Group.

Not only was Dick Ziman in attendance, but he was at the same time the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Arden Realty, the largest Real Estate Investment Trust [REIT] trading on the New York Stock Exchange.

So it is! And you can go there now for more of this inside memo:

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