Saturday, May 30, 2009

Zuma Dogg's TWITTER Update (Quick Political Hits)

  1. LAUSD says summer school is canceled! Among problems, kids will graduate later/less competitive internationally. System must admit failure.
  2. Is Mayor Villaraigosa about to appoint Jack Weiss Deputy Mayor Homeland Security at $200,000 a year? No wonder Villar needs bulletproof SUV.
  3. ROCKY DELGADILLO: Wants to be Attorney General but Zuma Dogg says HELL NO: He's 100% PAY TO PLAY and is GOING DOWN!
  4. 1st Amendment problems at L.A. Council meeting: Garcetti/Dion just took on Dogg/Dowd. ZD contacted Police Supervisor...THEY LOST! HA HA!
  5. May 26th GOLD was $945. I posted, "Time To Buy Gold!" 3 days later it is $980. How's that for timing.Better listen to ZD. How did I know?
  6. Thanks to Doug McIntyre/790-KABC. He's been mentioning Zuma Dogg's LA Daily Blog this morning over pension scandal!
  7. Good morning money launderers, their political cronies and their Federal investigators! I'm up; that means corruption is going down, bitch.
  8. TRUTANICH ON MEDICAL MARIJUANA: Supports it for REAL patients but doctors who over-write prescriptions are bigger problem than # of co-ops.
  9. Not that City Attorney Elect Trutanich will be purposefully LOOKING for shady stuff on Mayor Villaraiogsa, but imagine what he might find.
  10. The challenge Trutanich will have in cleaning up Rocky's shady office is dealing with Rocky's shady political appointments who are tenured.
  11. City Attorney Elect Carmen Trutanich is looking at City's lame billboard deal to see if city can change it/come up with a "billboard tax."
  12. LOVE how during a MAJOR pension discussion at Council meeting, JANICE HAHN called to end discussion: HER BROTHER started this mess as mayor!

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