Sunday, May 3, 2009

Zuma's LA Daily Blog Adds Google Ads! (Should Be Fun!)

Ya know, sometimes you kinda gotta go with the flow...

There are people who help support my council meeting attendance and blogging (dare I say, "friends"), and every time I tell them how my blog is on fire with views this week (since I have a somewhat functional wi-fi/laptop); they always immediately fire off the obligatory, "Why don't you put advertising on your blog?"

For one, I think Google ads can "creep out" a blog; but, we all agree I should solicit advertisers, directly, for things that won't sicken me to see be advertised and promoted on my blog. But go try and pull that one off. (Contacting people to advertise and putting it all together.)

AND, I never really felt that Google click ad revenues for Zuma Dogg would really be all that much. BUT, since people are financially supporting my efforts -- I'm gonna let the ads fly! (And it's ALL the people who can afford it the least who help; while the people who can actually afford a small PayPal donation sit on their asses and let the other people pick up the slack.)

Not that it's Fox News or MTV traffic, but now, with the numbers LA Daily Blog is getting (that I can continue to drive up even further if I am able to continue to sit here and crank it out and work the search engines) the blog is now at least to the starting point of even thinking about it as an occasional "PayPal-like" donation that will come in from Google, once in a while; AND, I AM curious how much the amount of traffic I am generating will convert into Google adsense revenue at this point. (Only thing, in order to generate that kinda traffic, I kinda have to blog all the time.)

Saturday, May 2, 2009 (Feedburner stats for LA Daily Blog)

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AND, although I was going to put a "filter" on certain keywords to prevent non-ZD friendly issues and shady politicians from being seen and promoted, I AM REALLY CURIOUS TO SEE WHAT STARTS POPPING UP!!!

I've always been a "market researcher" at heart which is why I got into radio, I guess, and it should be a fun (and possibly hilarious) market research experiment to see what happens, if nothing else.

So like Rick Ocasek once said, "Common, let the GOOD...TIMES...ROLL! Let the good times roll."

And I'm REALLY gonna let Google cram in ads wherever they want to, so we can REALLY see what happens. I'm gonna HATE it! But I think some people (including myself) will be checking in more, just to see what is popping up.

AND HERE'S SOMETHING THAT I AM UPDATING THROUGHOUT THE DAY WHILE I CAN: Zuma's LA Daily Blog - NewsWIRE: All the news that's fit to link! (LA Daily Blog headlines -- PLUS hundreds of wire feeds from across the internet, scanned by ZD for the few that make it onto the newswire of stories of interest to LA Daily Blog readers (or at least of interet to Zuma Dogg).

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