Friday, June 12, 2009

FUTURE HEADLINE: Los Angeles City Council Approves Money For 8 Positions in City Attorney-elect's Office (To Work Around Rocky's Tenured Losers)

Imagine the public outrage over outgoing Los Angeles City Attorney (and current joke of a California Attorney General Candidate) Rockard "Rocktard" Delgadillo's move to tenure 12 of his political appointments which allows them to now remain in office, even though Rocky is leaving and current City Attorney-elect Carmen Trutanich sure as hell doesn't want them, because Nuch isn't trying to be a clown-ass punk like the last city attorney, once people find out that NOW, Los Angeles City Council will most likely be forced to find and approve money in the budget for eight employees (up to four assistants and up to four other people) in accordance with Charter Section 1050(d) so that the City Attorney-elect can actually run the office, once he is no longer "elect," like a professional city attorney's office instead of the pay-to-play factory, that Delgadillo has now "tenured" into a "pay-to-play cover-up" factory.

So City Council will now need to create a motion that will allow them to pay for staffers to work around Rocky's expensive, taxpayer-paid-for tenured mess. (See "The Nick and Ben Shameless Loser Show.)

Steve Cooley on Rocky Delgadillo and his run for California Attorney General office: "What a joke. He's unfit for the office, for any office, let alone the office of Attorney General, the chief law maker of the state. There's something wrong with him."

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