Monday, June 29, 2009

Sorry, not going to be any updates on Obama vs Villaraigosa or any of the city hall stuff...Zuma Dogg ON THE WAY OUT...I'M SENDING THE WARNING SIGNALS

Didn't get a real good feeling after reading this article about Michael Jackson. He knew he was toast. It was no surprise to anyone who knew him. People didn't care, cause there was going to be a concert. Anyway, I've been putting my desperate S.O.S. messages out here, before Jackson died. I like being optimistic, but I see the writing on the wall regarding ZD, too. It's over kiddies. I'm on the way out. Slipped through the cracks. Sorry things didn't work out. YOU DO NOT MAKE A COMEBACK FROM WHERE I AM TODAY. I CAN SEE IT'S SLIPPING THE WRONG WAY. Leave me the fuck alone. It's too late now. Adios Muchachos. Stop reading this blog. I am not going to update it with the political stuff you want to see. What the fuck good does it do me to sit here and update inside stuff coming out of the White House regarding City Hall WHEN I AM LEGITIMATLEY CONCERNED THAT I AM GOING TO DROP DEAD AT ANY MOMENT. Glad you though about me.

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