Monday, July 13, 2009

#1 on the Zuma Dogg, City of L.A. Countdown: Hollywood Runaway Productions, followed by RISE of Medical Marijuana Collectives

Looks like enough people in the City were interested in Zuma Dogg's take on the City Council CD2 election, that it drove the story to #2 on the BNN U.S. Ranker! (I don't think people across the country were driving the traffic. It was probably a lot of people in the area. And previously, my blog posts have not been going that high up in the NATIONAL ranker. So a) my blog is getting more popular; and b) this story was the top performer among recent stories as well. (Sorry Chris, Paul and Tamar. Looks like they're on to you.)

Most-Clicked State Blogs

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BNN 12 Week Average: (Zuma's LA Daily Blog ONLY local L.A. blog in Top 5!)
Rank Blog Prev
1 Calitics 1
2 OC Progressive 2
3 Orange Juice 3
4 Political Blotter 4
5 L.A. Daily Blog 6

And when you break it out PER-POST (blogs like LA Observed post a lot which drives rankings. Notice the other local L.A. blogs drop out of the Top 20, entirely, when you look at per-post influence. (Emphasis on the word, "influence!")

Rank Blog Prev
1 The Policy Report 2
2 Zuma Times 4
3 Greater Orange News -
4 Monterey County Democrats -
5 Political Blotter 17
6 A Better Oakland 6
7 Opinion Shop 15
8 L.A. Daily Blog 10
9 OC Progressive 13
10 Lying Media Bastards -


Although there are a lot of ongoing, big picture issues that are VERY important regarding things like the housing policy that CM Herb Wesson fucked all up as Housing Chair, THE BUDGET, police/safety issues/LAUSD, digital billboards and so many others issues that you will be mad at me for not mentioning; right here, right now...two big issues that are jumped to the front of the line recently on Zuma Dogg's "chit-chat" radar are Medical Marijuana collectives (I hear there are 15 in a two mile stretch in CD2's Sunland-Tujunga -- and Zuma Dogg saw new ones opening up this weekend in the Valley);

AND, "on American Top 40, I'm Casey Kasem. (dramatic pause) We're up to our new NUMBER ONE (#1) issue on the countdown. Zuma Dogg blogged about the issue last week when someone who worked at SONY Pictures asked Zuma Dogg, 'if he could do something about runaway productions?' ZD was told only ONE movie was filiming in the city (Green Hornet/Seth Rogan). And that was only because they didn't have time to pick up and get out of town.

Additionally, ZD heard that Adam Sandler, Chris Rock and some left-over/"B" level SNL alumni moved their new production to an island off BOSTON, because it's cheaper and less hassle to fly all the way across the country and build the set on an island, than on the local studio lot.

And, this is a COUNTY-WIDE issue. As many of the studios are outside the city, but within the county.

And although you already know that this "bugging out of town" does not only hurt the set decorators, writers, caterers, drivers, security, builders and all the side stuff related to the production itself...but the coffee shops, restaurants, convenience stores, dry cleaners...AND ALL THE OTHER RETAIL AND SERVICES. Once the dry cleaners and pharmacy closes; the coffee shop, restaurant and convenience store suffers cause of lost traffic of THOSE customers.

Zuma Dogg says tax breaks and incentives can be PART of the solution. But they have already left, so they must REALLY be pissed off about the entire process. It's kinda like asking your husband to come back to you, after he first cheated on you; then left you entirely; then is seen in public with other women; then seen in strip clubs having all kinds of fun.

SO IT DOESN'T LOOK LIKE YOUR HUSBAND, I mean runaway Hollywood production is even INTERESTED in trying to patch things up and move back home and get back to family life.

Once something leaves like manufacturing which went overseas, it's VERY difficult to bring that back. Especially when they don't GIVE A SH*T about coming back. AND, you are dealing with a reactive, confused, bureaucratic, non-taking-charge, losers in charge of trying to bring it back. AND, it's a COUNTYWIDE issue, so then you have to get Council working in harmony with Board of County Loservisors. SO DON'T KEEP YOUR LAPTOP ON ALL DAY WAITING FOR THOSE NEW DAILIES TO START ROLLING IN AGAIN ANYTIME SOON.

Not with the current crop of losers and cronies who got us here in the first place. If the city of Los Angeles were a ship, it would just be floating around; in whatever direction the waves take it, because no one is willing to take the wheel and start driving this thing in one, focused direction.



Go take a picture somewhere, Villaraigosa you no-leader, dumb, city wrecking loser and don't do a THING about it today.

SUMMARY: Coincidentally, a couple days after Zuma Dogg started posting on runaway Hollywood productions, ONLY BECAUSE someone brought it to my attention while I was within the community talking to people...LA Times did a story on the issue, and now the WHOLE CITY is talking about it, including Doug McIntyre who just did a good rant on the issue. And days after ZD posted about the Medical Marijuana collective situation, after noticing it based on what I saw on the streets; LA Times followed up with their own similar article. (More dumb luck when it comes to timing on ZD's part, unless you think LA Times is reading Zuma Times.

What's interesting is that I didn't do the post based on seeing an agenda item on it; or because some specific issue was in the news about it. And I guess I am not saying that LA Times saw my story and did one of their own based on that. So I guess ZD just has amazing timing when it comes to having his finger on the pulse of the city.

Coming next, Zuma Dogg on L.A. City Medical Marijuana collectives and their rise to fame on the countdown chart.

(Casey getting irritated at end of long session) And I also wanted to know, what happened to the PICTURES I was supposed to see this week? Is Don on the phone? SHOUTING): I want a concerted effort to make sure these Hollywood runway productions get their asses back in the city to be with their families and I want SOMEONE from the city to start going around to all these medical marijuana collectives and teach them how to be complaint according to state law!

(Realizing mic is on, and pulls it together back into phony DJ voice): On American Top 40...I'm Casey Kasem.

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