Sunday, August 23, 2009

Blog Reader Weighs In on Tamar Galatzan's Un-Ethical LAUSD (Campaign?) Mailers

[Don't they look good together? And she's endorsed by City Councilmember Tom LaBong. So that means she's on the list of "approved political insiders" who will play the game and keep everything covered up. PLUS, she LOVES Jack Weiss. JUST ASK HER!]

Here is a comment someone posted on Mayor Sam's blog in response to the LAUSD mailers Tamar Galatzan just happened to be sent out right as absentee ballots are being sent out in the City Council CD2 Election. I LIKE THIS even though it all may actually be legal in the long run:

"Is Tamar Galatzan Using LAUSD Taxpayer Money to Campaign for City Council?"

A city official and an elected official using her position and taxpayer dollars to promote herself 4 weeks before an election and right when absentee voters are getting ballots is not only stupid, it is illegal and the definition of political corruption.

She will have to prove that the mailer went out to every single resident of her School Board district--rather than just the portion that overlaps CD2. If she, in any way, targeted the mailer she will probably go to jail.

This is pretty simple, black and white and easy for investigators to prove.

Politicians make decisions like this--sometimes out of ignorance and sometimes out of desperation. But almost always out of some sense of entitlement and arrogance.

LAUSD Parents will not respond well to this. There's no question she's out of the race. Probably will need to resign--creating another special election.

[I don't know about having to resign and all that...but this don't look good for Tamar. That's why you should always wait a little bit to see how things shake out before you jump on a lame horse who stumbles right out of the gate. Oh well...I FEEL GREAT ABOUT MY MOMENTUM!!!

I was GOING to offer Tamar a job as legislative deputy if I win for her support, but after today...I don't think I can touch her. Sorry.]

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