Thursday, September 10, 2009

MASSIVE Zuma Dogg UPDATE: New Campaign Videos, Update on Performance Audits, and ZD Media Appearances for Next 24 Hours; AND, Zuma & Michael, JACKSON!

ZUMA DOGG ON 870 KRLA RADIO TONIGHT AT 9PM!: Listen to Kevin James tonight at 9pm as he hosts Part 2 of his L.A. City Council candidate forum, with Los Angeles City Council Candidate (CD 3) ZUMA DOGG....LIVE IN STUDIO, with failure State ASSembly member Paul Krekorian and the remaining candidates. Listen LIVE here at 9:05 pm.

ZUMA DOGG ON 790 KABC RADIO FRIDAY MORNING AT 9AM!: Listen to Doug McIntyre's coverage of the City Council election, as ZUMA DOGG makes a rare, in-studio appearance!!! I hope KABC picks up the tab for all the added LAPD that will need to barricade off the streets and entrance to the station, so Zuma Dogg can make it through the crowds of people who will be lining the streets awaiting my arrival. (I hope this doesn't turn into an "AEG/Staples Center, 'why should the city pick up the tab,' senario.) Listen LIVE here at 9:05 AM.

L.A. City Councilmember Tony Cardenas NOT a big fan of Controller having authority for "performance audits.": During a discussion at the council meeting, yesterday (9/9/09), Los Angeles City Councilmember Tony Cardenas stood up to speak out AGAINST Controller Wendy Greuel's request to allow her office to run "performance audits" in addition to financial audits.

We all know it's basically TEAM CARDENAS (Cardenas, Alarcon and Associates) vs TEAM VILLARAIGOSA (Antonio, Wendy, Villar's CM puppet he has in his pocket (the rest of them besides CM Parks) at City Hall and in the council meetings. If the City's general fund and all the non-profit money and Federal and State money for programs and everything else is just a big "pot of money" to be had, like a rugby ball in a rugby match...then it's TEAM VILLARAIGOSA vs TEAM CARDENDAS.

SO, when Wendy wants to run "performance audits" and Cardenas is doing everything from tap dancing to trying to push it back to committee for a long discussion and perhaps even more discussions (as he actually put it) -- ANYTHING BUT ALLOW PERFORMANCE AUDITS;

Zuma Dogg's "SHADY ALERT" radar perks up.

So then you have to ask, "Why is he fighting against "performance audits" vs "financial audits."

With financial audits (which are already being done), it's easy to make it look like everything is "hunky-dory." For example, "Yes, half a million dollars was budgeted for this program from Federal dollars...and it was given to (preferred and connected) non-profit and they provided THESE services.

O.K.! Looks good to me. So that's about how much shadiness you are going to squeeze out of a financial audit.

BUT, if you can all of the sudden start poking around and start seeing what services are being provided for the money, and who is REALLY walking away with the money, and in what amounts; then you might start to uncover some serious corruption (fraud, waste and abuse).

So HELL YEAH, you are going to want to fight for your political life against performance audits when you are on the wrong side of the shadiness.


DAVID SALTSBURG (Zuma Dogg) SPEAKS AT L.A. City Council Candidate Forums: Here are some video moments from recent City Council (CD 2) candidate forums. The election is Tuesday, September 22nd, and please email my blog to people and let them know there is an election. Here is some ammunition to sell people on Zuma Dogg. (Paul Krekorian warms up for Zuma Dogg as he HAMMERS Frank Sheftel, then steps in it himself. All the videos will play in a row once you hit play.

Individual Video Links:
David Saltsburg Candidate Forum Intro (Valley Village)
David Saltsburg For L.A. City Council (8)

THANKS TO TAMAR GALATZAN FOR CHOSING "ZUMA DOGG!": Last night on Kevin James' LIVE radio forum, for all the hear, when asked, "WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE FROM YOUR OPPONENTS TO BE YOUR CHIEF OF STAFF?," Ms. Galatzan told the city, "Zuma Dogg! SERIOUSLY, thanks Tamar, that makes me feel good, because she's saying that of the other candidates including Neighborhood Council members, and the others (grassroots, of course, because of COURSE she's not gonna say "Essel or Krackorian," but she didn't say any of the other NC Council members or business owners...

SO SHE'S WILLING TO SAY THAT SHE WOULD TRUST ZD MOST OF ALL THE OTHER CANDIDATES ON THE BALLOT TO REPRESENT HER, HER DISTRICT AND TO WORK WITH THE PEOPLE OF CD 2. Although it doesn't mean she is obligated to follow up on this, because it was only a question among the people on the ballot, not the entire universe of potential candidates for the job. BUT, in the situation when asked, she was willing to step up and admit she would trust her reputation and district to Zuma Dogg, most! THANKS...We've come a long way, baby!

ZUMA DOGG "LIVE" FEATURING MICHAEL JACKSON (New YouTUBE): Alright, you've been good boys and girls and have read all this important stuff about the City Council and election, so you deserve to get to see the most phenomenal performance duo since McCartney/Jackson in the 80''s Dogg/Jackson in the '09, performing "Billie Jean" LIVE in Los Angeles before a stunned and amazed crowd who never expected the superstar (Zuma Dogg) to be showing up for this rare duet. AND NO...I do not care that I'm running for Council and I should wait until after the election to post this. JUST BECAUSE I CAN HAVE FUN AND HAVE RAPPORT WITH PEOPLE IN THIS FUN WAY, DOESN'T MEAN I'M MORE SERIOUS THAN AND PRUDENT THAN BERNARD PARKS WHEN I'M OFF DUTY AS ZUMA DOGG AND BEING L.A. CITY COUNCIL MEMBER AS ZUMA DOGG. Plus, it's bad karma to deny the people what they want. So here it is...L.A. Pop Icon, performing with Michael Jackson!

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