Sunday, October 18, 2009

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Carmen Trutanich Speaks To Zuma Dogg & KABC's Michael Linder on Medical Marijuana, Billboards & His City Attorney Office

The ZumaCAM has LITERALLY been out of commission since July 2, 2009's City of Los Angeles Inauguration Ceremony that Zuma Dogg captured so profusely from begginning to end, including heading over to newly inaugurated Carmen Trutanich's FIRST EVER press conference. This ZumaCAM footage is the ONLY video of this (somewhat) historic event.

Have a lot of footage from the press conference and the mayor and Nuch and Wendy's inauguration and a lot of Zuma Dogg fun with random constituents and some activist beef with the police and the sidewalk.

There will be a lot of new Zuma Dogg videos being posted from this and other happenings around town captured by the ZumaCAM.

But with all the HOOPLA around Trutanich and the issues of medical marijuana, billboards and the overall tone and performance of his office, THIS video is most fitting to be first up; and even bumped my performance of "Man in the Mirror" with a random lady walking down the street and the gospel choir, for this more timely and topic video of ZD and KABC's Michael Linder hittin' up Nuch right away on the two issues on the front burners on this week's news headlines.

AND, he addresses his "tone" right up front on day one.

"The one thing you are going to see out of this office is a working office. We have a task to do. I think the people put us here for a reason. We're not going to be pretty, but we're going to be effective."

VERY RELATED AUDIO: Re-cap of my phone conversation with Nuch today about all of this. I felt he needed to get out there and address some of the issues for his own PR's sake. As I mention in the audio, he's not apologetic, but he was HIGHLY passionate; and I feel that people need to hear Nuch break it down for people the way ZD got to hear him break it down -- after I press his buttons a little and get him all worked up. (OH, you think "I" care? HELL NAW! I'll call him on his cell phone on a beautiful Saturday afternoon on his only day off and start right in. Not a lot of small talk. Just, "Nuch! You GOTTA get out there and blah, blah, blah..." And he WAS right there, ready to engage, and didn't use the excuse of "hey Zuma, it's Saturday afternoon..." It was FULL ON debate and it wasn't a "chill" or relaxed conversation, either. You GOTTA LOVE THAT!

Zuma on Trutanich Phone Conversation

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