Thursday, October 22, 2009

KNBC Was Asked By Trutanich's City Attorney Office To Participate In AEG/Jackson Memorial Event Investigation (They Declined, Unless Subpoenaed)

NBC was asked to participate in the Carmen "Nuch" Trutanich's City Attorney Office investigation into AEG's Michael Jackson Memorial Event at Staples Center and it indicates the direction of the "criminal elements" could be going.

NBC was asked how much they paid for access to have their media crew on the risers at Staples Center for the Jackson event. It is illegal to charge for risers on city sidewalks and streets that AEG was selling access for.

KNBC was asked to participate in the investigation, but declined to do so without subpoenas, and no subpoenas have been served. So as I referred to in the previous article. Maybe Nuch knows what went down, but it won't be so easy to put the case together, cause you'd have to subpoena people like NBC and it would create a lot of bad will having the city drag everyone into this.

So sounds like AEG used city property to sell media rights to the Michael Jackson memorial event. So Nuch is trying to have them pay up, before he has to take it to court. And Tim Lewekie is calling it "near extortion" as it may be perceived to be. But that favorable public perception can change and turn HARD on your Mr. T., if you were pimpin' the city streets. OH MAN, will that unleash the Zuma Dogg on your ass!!! NUCH, let me know!!!

And I think Nuch's frustration may be that the mayor was out of town at the time, so Tim probably called the mayor; or maybe the mayor didn't even know and Tim just called Bratton and Perry who put it all in motion and Nuch IS saying the entire event may have cost $6 million when you add it all up. And if that's the situation, looks like that's a separate issue, because how the hell could you spend $6 million? ($80,000 for sandwiches outside the county is part of it.)

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