Sunday, October 4, 2009

Zuma Dogg's MASSIVE Twitter and Blog Updates on his MOST TURBULENT DAY EVER

[Pictured: Original Zuma Dogg photo used for the original T-Shirt. Now such a classic, blast-from-the-past, it will bring a tear to most Malibu "A" list celebrities eyes. It certainly does mine, but for other reasons.}

Jackass, Ali G/Borat, The Osbournes, or camcorder reality shows weren't even out yet. Eminem was just coming out, who I hated along with Backstreet Boys & N' Zuma Dogg spontaneously combusted one day after one too many really bad episodes of TRL with Carson Daily to combat declining pop culture. That was Aug 2000.


Yesterday (Saturday October 2, 2009) really goes down in the ZD record book as his most turbulent day ever. What a storm front that moved in, that was predicted the night before, like a Dallas Rains weather forecast. It made for some very entertaining blogging and Tweeting and there was quite a lot of output over the past 72 hours. The top stuff on this post of was late night, last night...and I was pretty delirious and that's when some good stuff comes out. HAVE FUN! It's sure wasn't for me.

2000-2006 was the Zuma Dogg "Public Access Era." 2006-2009 was the "City Hall Era." And now it's a fresh chapter in the story of Zuma Dogg, 2009-2009 (most likely), "The Final Era." (You'll pass out from the G-force of the decline.) Here we go!:

My blog, is on FIRE today. 3 of Top 5 Posts on BlogNetNews are ZD's. People LOVE a good crisis. VIEWS ARE WAY UP!

I can't be so arrogant to think psychic energy & quantum physics didn't create ZD momentum; but it took a while to integrate it in reality.

I can't be so arrogant to believe 1000s of people stop me in mass without thinking quantum physics didn't play a big part. But YOU try it!

Quantum Physic miracles hit you over the head everyday, but we ignore them cause it's too unbelievable, unless you believe. No coincidence.

People are spiritual beings and can communicate through non-verbal brain wave transmissions, but we are trained to ignore it. NOT ZD!

How come if ants can communicate with each other through "vibes and wavelengths" people don't think they can. People are better than ants.

One night, I had a dream Marlon Brando invited me to his house as ZD fan. When I woke up, it was on TV he passed (about same time of dream.)

One night, when I lived near Mullholland in Calabasas, I dreamt about Marlon Brando. When I woke up, it was on TV that he passed. Spirit!

Hoofa! Now the part of the day I've been drudging. Time to find somewhere to sleep. OUCH! And BIG problems as soon as I wake up in early AM.

Zuma Dogg...the Mr. Leonard of L.A. City!

Malibu Cable Company Bends Over Backwards To Help Get "The Zuma Dogg Show" Back ON THE AIR in Malibu/Agoura/Palisad...

CLASSIC Zuma Dogg Radio Interview from Cape Cod, MA podcaster: Good summary interview:

Zuma Dogg retrieves phone charger and has cell phone working again. WARNING: Ignore cranky 3am messages!

Why Would Adam Sandler and The Arquettes Let Zuma Dogg Deteriorate On Streets of L.A. (If I Was Their FAVORITE THIN...

I don't know why Sandler, The Arquettes (even Emilio) would let their "favorite thing," Zuma Dogg to die on the streets?

Gosh damn do I need some relief.

I won't be doing ANYTHING good in my life w/out some major recuperation including massive chiropractic care and six hours sleep in a bed.

Before 9 intense years living the Zuma Dogg life, it was 10 years in wild radio & record biz. 20 years of New Years Eve life. I'm TOAST!

I recently admitted that after 9 years of intense living as Zuma Dogg on streets of L.A. and avalanche of people greeting me, I've lost it.

Hate to say it, we ALL know the story of Zuma Dogg may be an Academy Award worthy movie, but it don't end well for ZD. But HUGE documentary!

Genius, hero, legends, treasure, icon...just some of the things people call me. Today you can call me in big trouble in streets of L.A.

People like Elvis, Jackson, Cobain, Morrison, Belushi are smart. They KNOW when it's over and you're just hangin' around. Luckily, ZD can't O.D. on weed.

Zuma - LA Daily Blog Week In Review (by Zuma Dogg)

People say, "Good things are coming ZD. You're too (insert goodness)." If it hasn't happened by now, it ain't gonna. World has passed me by.

People say, "Hang in there ZD, good things are coming soon." That's what they said eight years ago. My fingers are tired from hanging on.

I traded in lavish spreads at Malibu "A" list parties that I needed no invitation for, for chips and pretzels at NC meetings. I AM smart.

On Saturday Nights, I used to look for biggest party in Malibu with most Ferarri and Bentleys, then crash the party.ZD was ALWAYS welcomed!

Wow, as I am deteriorating on the streets, after 3 yrs of activism, and look back on my previous Malibu life, YOU ARE RIGHT...I'M CRAZY!

Shwayzee, Cisco Adler, Brody Jenner, Spencer Pratt, all those Malibu kids used to run up to Zuma Dogg when they saw him.We used to hang out.

I have never met a Hollywood Star who sucked up to ZD that didn't make his some promise to make themselves feel good that they never kept.

If Adam Sandler saw Zuma Dogg laying on the street in need of 9-1-1, he would roll over me with his hi-speed golf cart as he shouted me out.

I hope Zuma Dogg drops on the Streets of L.A., someone calls Jennifer Perkins at Happy Madison/SONY to tell Adam Sandler. He didn't do SHIT!

Asked Adam Sandler producers for mere "stand-in" work. Said, "No ZD, gonna use you as star, can't waste you." YOU SHOULD'VE GIVEN IT TO ME!

I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY need to get into a BED ASAP...I can't even move. My back and neck has debilitated me. Can't move.

And here's the one the political junkies will like from yesterday, so here it is again in case you missed it .


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