Thursday, November 12, 2009

LA Daily Blog - NewsTweets via Twitter (11.12.09)

  1. Later tonight, Gov. Schwarzenegger will submit a plan to reduce prison crowding, attempting to satisfy federal judges
  2. Story on CalPERS, Villaraigosa, Swiller, Burkle, City Hall - PENSIONGATE (based on DWP "Wind Farm" land. LA Times Story)
  3. RT @Schwarzenegger: - Signing bill to provide more reliable water supply & restore and enhance the Delta ecosystem.
  4. RT @LATimes: About 111,000 illegal immigrants are in state and local jails, federal officials say
  5. RT @WSJ: Dow's Winning Streak Ends
  6. CD 2 City Council Election: Christine Essel is running radio ads on 93.1 Jack-FM. Paid by PPL (Police Labor Group). Pretty BIG-not just AM.
  7. RADIO SHOW: Zuma Dogg Speaks on FEDERAL court hearing on 1st Amendment lawsuit vs City of Los Angeles ("Code of Conduct")
  8. DWP DOES NOT want you to know about the "Sub-Meter." Save 50%-80% off your DWP water bill. DO NOT OVER PAY FOR WATER!!!
  9. Fed bars ATM card overdraft fees absent opt-in | Reuters
  10. READ THIS OBAMA: Interpreting W. Edwards Deming's 14 Points (Methods for Management of Quality and Productivity)
  11. President Obama announces summit to combat joblessness.
  12. ACORN sues over funding cut: The group sues to overturn a law that stripped money from the group in wake o..
  13. Zuma Show on Blog Talk Radio: 1st Amendment FEDERAL Lawsuit at L.A. City Hall and PENSIONGATE Expert Speaks:
  14. - Story on record high GOLD prices. Biggest run since 1982!
  15. Downtown Residents Encouraged to Meet LAPD Tonight - LAist
  16. California again has nation's 2nd highest foreclosure rate - Los Angeles Business from bizjournals:
  17. Plugging Deficit With TARP Funds? Closing the federal deficit with funds from bailout program requires mental wrangling.
  18. Is Council "Code of Conduct" about to be overturned by FEDERAL JUDGE: Zuma Dogg Returns to Council Fri. - L.A. Daily Blog
  19. Medical marijuana business is growing - Entrepreneurs adopting nonprofit models to cope with legal gray areas-
  20. Returning Workers Face Steep Pay Cuts - Returning Worker "Wage Erosion" Threatens to Slow Economic Recovery -
  21. NEW: Check out the new "LA DAILY BLOG - NewsTweets" column at Stories from across the internet ZD wants on the record.
  22. California could get up to $700 million in U.S. education funds --
  23. Gold Hits $1,121, Barrick Chief Says Selloff Possible - Futures and Commodities * US * News * Story -
  24. CalPERS probes loan to build deal maker's mansion --
  25. The Jerry Brown tapes: Never a dull moment --
  26. Gold Climbs to Record on Weaker Dollar as Traders Target $1,300 - Story
  27. Official: Obama rejects war options - Afghanistan-
  28. L.A. Given $10.3M Stimulus For Workforce Training -
  29. White House Aims to Cut Deficit With TARP Cash -
  30. California forced to pay 4% yield in bond sale --
  31. Police Release Tyson After Punching Photog At LAX -
  32. Oil steady above $79 | Reuters
  33. L.A. Planning Commission Planning A Vote on AEG Expansion Vote Tomorrow
  34. Lou Dobbs leaving CNN, does not reveal plans | U.S. | Reuters
  35. SAC Capital Ex-Analyst Under Probe -
  36. CalPERS official wants placement agents regulated - Los Angeles Business from bizjournals:
  37. Huffington Post Soliciting For Los Angeles Bloggers -

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