Monday, November 30, 2009

PHOTO: L.A. City Councilman Richard AlarCON's DIstrict Office in Same Plaza as Medical Marijuana Collective!

Thanks to Phil Jennerjahn for thinking to send Big ZD a picture of this fine mess. L.A. Shitty Clowncilmember Richard Alarcon seems to have gotten the lousier location in this strip mall that features a medical marijuana collective. This is outrageous! We can't be having this kind of thing besmirching the reputation of the other businesses and offices in this plaza and bringing down the property value. We can't be having all the unsavory criminal element that is attracted to places like this...ALARcon should be forced to move his offices away from this medical dispensary! These patients shouldn't be forced to have to mingle with Alarcon's office business. (And Alarcon is just jealous that the co-op is skimming more money that HE is! HEY...LET'S NOT FORGET WHO THE GODFATHER IS IN THE AREA! (Better take some of that money upstairs to let him "wet his beak." (Just consider it one of your twice daily required money drops.)

[Pictured: Richard Alarclown's District Office bringing down the property value of this fine collective.]

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