Monday, December 21, 2009

L.A. City Wokers: Call Zuma Dogg To Find Out How Deming's 14 Points Can Help You In Your Job At Your Deparment (WITHOUT Having To Wait For Antonio!)

DEMING'S 14 POINTS ("Methods for Management of Quality & Productivity): In this new economic era for the City of Los Angeles where all city departments will be forced to do more with less (workers) as thousands of workers with the most knowledge and experience will be leaving the city work force via forced early retirement, it appears as though the people and workers of the city will not be able to afford the luxury of waiting to have the elected officials in charge of these departments to implement the type of training it will take to navigate a widget from "Point A" to "Point B" (accomplish any goals/provide any service), otherwise known as "teaching the principals of Deming's 14 Points.

It occurred to me that it doesn't take the "green light" (excuse the "green" reference) to start implementing the principals of Deming's 14 Points.

Many city workers have mentioned to me that they enjoy hearing me talk about the "14 Points." And they are usually people actually left with the task of trying to "fudge" things to make these haywire plans happen, at all.

So over this holiday break, I invite any city workers to call me on my cell phone or send me an email to ask questions as to how the concepts ZD refers to can be applied to your specific work scenario. (The ZD 14 Point Hotline, if you will. Like calling 9-1-1 for your on the job bureaucratic nightmares.

I think the time of ZD "warning and alerting" the city as to the citywide crisis is over, as the city is now aware of what lies ahead in 2010 (as does the rest of the city) so at this point, I think it's time for ZD to try and throw out as many life preservers as possible to city workers. And my way of doing that is through the training and educating of city workers on the 14 points of Dr. W. Edwards Deming.

Even if the mayor and council doesn't embrace or study it, every time YOU, a city worker or manager DOES, you will improve your own efficiency and performance and will enjoy your job more -- and you will want to share it with the rest of your workers/department...and that's how we can do it WITHOUT a hearing in committee.

People rely on superiors to "green light" or approve things that we can just do on our own.

I have SERIOUS notes from Deming's famous 4-day seminar that went into the article that was praised by Deming and published internationally in "Quality Digest" -- and will be glad to share copies, along with explanations for all city workers.


Call me at 213-785-7272 anytime, Monday-Sunday, or email And if you would like to discuss how this applies to you in your job with the city, I can meet with you and as many people as you would like to bring along near the ocean along Main Street in Venice/Old Santa Monica area.

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