Friday, December 4, 2009

Zuma Dogg's Wall Street Wrap Up for 12.04.09 (Monitor The Global Economy RIGHT HERE!)

With the City of Los Angeles announcing that the city's financial future is tied to an UP rally on Wall Street to try and win back the billions they say they lost last year, Zuma Dogg has fired up his Wall Street Charts to help monitor the global economy. I loaded up my Google Finance portfolio with hundreds of ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) that represent all sectors and economies of the world.For example Gold, European/Asian/Japan/Emerging Markets, Dow, S&P, NASDAQ, FTSE, Financial, Oil, Water,Silver, Real Estate, Energy.

So throughout the day, and at the end of the day, you can sort by "change" and get a good perspective as to which way the wind is blowing at any given minute.

For example, today, a lot of the ETFs that short gold were WAY UP since GOLD took a big dive based on news throughout the day on jobs and a lot of profit taking always occurs at record levels, and there is a lot of talk about the dollar and plans to take some of them out of the market with an interest rate. The FAKE/Misleading jobs numbers that came out today, will now be used as an excuse to say, "Well, we weren't raising interest rates because of the bad job market...but now that everything is "hunky-dory" and job loss is down and the economy is re-bounding -- we can now raise the interest rates.

BUT, the job numbers are B.S. and not reflective of the REAL job loss and economic crisis. HERE'S WHY: After six months you are no longer on the unemployment list. So you may have lost your job six months ago, and now are no longer being counted anymore. Plus, people who's hours have been cut. Or you go from a $50,000 a year job to a $27,000 a year job.

More on the long-term situation, later. So here are the first two charts I like to look at throughout the day, and then again at the end of the day to see what happened,

(Sorry, you also have to do what ZD does, and click on each link to see what the stock is. You should be able to see the trends for the day. If you want the ENTIRE LIST I use to monitor that goes into these Top2o Winners and Losers, make me an offer and I'll email over to you.)

TOP 20 LOSERS (by %)
NameSymbolLast priceChangeMkt capVolumeOpenHighLowDay's gain

Cash - Deposit / Withdraw

Ho. Bta. S&P/TSX Gbl...HGU14.72*-1.75 (-10.63%)297.34M5.80M15.7715.7714.07
Direxion Daily Real...DRV13.92-1.36 (-8.90%)55.93M4.50M14.1314.8513.64
ProShares Ultra Gold...UGL50.45-4.57 (-8.31%)224.21M1.34M53.553.6549.23
Direxion Daily Small Cp...TZA11.10-0.88 (-7.35%)498.96M55.59M11.2311.7910.82
ProShares UltraShort...SRS7.92-0.47 (-5.60%)812.15M47.75M7.998.257.8
Hori. Beta. NYMEX Nat...HND8.00*-0.46 (-5.44%)173.92M2.95M7.888.237.69
Market Vectors Gold...GDX50.69-2.84 (-5.31%)5.79B31.70M52.552.5749.48
ProShares Ultra Silver...AGQ68.26-3.62 (-5.04%)167.06M980,718.0070.5670.7266.75
Direxion Daily Finan...FAZ19.49-1.01 (-4.93%)1.28B105.44M19.3820.4319.18
ProShares UltraShort...TWM27.30-1.39 (-4.84%)491.64M9.60M27.4828.4126.85
ProShares UltraShort...SSG19.91-0.95 (-4.55%)31.01M655,412.0020.0620.6719.62
iShares COMEX Gold...IAU113.80-5.03 (-4.23%)2.78B1.48M117.24117.36112.5
SPDR Gold Trust (ETF)GLD113.75-4.95 (-4.17%)41.86B79.18M117.15117.26112.41
ProShares UltraShort...SKF24.33-0.83 (-3.30%)915.61M25.44M24.2525.0924.06
PowerShares DB Silver...DBS32.74-1.08 (-3.19%)128.44M76,619.0033.6233.6232.7105
ProShares Ultra Basic...UYM30.59-0.98 (-3.10%)423.94M7.10M32.532.7729.57
Direxion Daily Emr Mkts...EDZ5.05-0.15 (-2.88%)115.18M10.39M4.95.254.7901
ProShares UltraSh...FXP7.46-0.22 (-2.86%)290.27M3.28M7.47.657.28
CurrencyShares Japanese...FXY109.72-2.86 (-2.54%)451.22M488,326.00110.77110.86109.41

TOP 20 GAINERS (by %):
NameSymbolLast priceChangeMkt capVolumeOpenHighLowDay's gain

Cash - Deposit / Withdraw

PowerShares DB Gold...DZZ12.68+1.09 (9.40%)227.67M3.71M1212.969911.95
Direxion Daily Real...DRN134.61+11.04 (8.93%)152.60M1.60M133.03137.32851127.44
ProShares UltraShort...GLL9.28+0.71 (8.28%)54.34M2.52M8.89.58.77
Direxion Daily Small Cp...TNA38.53+2.57 (7.15%)275.02M13.86M38.2239.3936.43
Hori. Beta. NYMEX Nat...HNU8.32*+0.44 (5.58%)586.38M6.34M8.48.68.09
ProShares Ultra Real...URE6.61+0.34 (5.42%)650.04M30.43M6.556.76.36
ProShares UltraShort...ZSL4.06+0.19 (4.91%)58.75M1.88M3.934.133.91
Direxion Daily Finan...FAS75.16+3.41 (4.75%)1.26B42.98M75.676.3371.95
ProShares Ultra...UWM26.40+1.19 (4.72%)166.51M6.34M26.2726.8325.46
ProShares UltraShort...SMN9.10+0.30 (3.41%)97.98M9.30M8.569.378.47
ProShares Ultra...UYG5.66+0.18 (3.28%)1.97B24.12M5.685.725.5
Vanguard REIT ETFVNQ44.35+1.32 (3.07%)4.17B3.49M44.1344.6243.47
SPDR DJ Wilshire REIT...RWR48.75+1.41 (2.98%)1.02B639,793.0048.4249.0547.81
SPDR KBW Regional...KRE21.39+0.61 (2.94%)525.12M3.85M21.4121.520.91
iShares Cohen & Steers...ICF52.04+1.48 (2.93%)1.77B1.79M51.8552.3951
iShares Dow Jones US...IYR45.44+1.19 (2.69%)2.55B32.29M45.2945.7744.58
iShares Russell 2000...IWN56.44+1.46 (2.66%)3.13B3.41M56.1556.8955.36
Direxion Daily Tech...TYH141.02+3.39 (2.46%)145.38M723,163.00142.57145.28136.18
iShares Russell 2000...IWM60.41+1.45 (2.46%)11.81B100.43M60.260.8759.28
iShares S&P SmallCap...IJR52.52+1.24 (2.42%)4.43B2.47M52.3753.0551.65

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