Saturday, January 23, 2010

Zuma Dogg Twitter Update for Saturday 1.23.10

IMPORTANT POST: L.A. Quality & Productivity Czar Zuma Dogg "Calls The Shots" Regarding L.A. City Budget Action & Bankruptcy Decision... (Informative Budget post regarding L.A. City Asset Sell-Off and The "B" Word.)

COMPELLING VIDEO: Zuma Dogg Confrontation with ABC TV production in L.A. City Hall rotunda. (DON'T TOUCH MY CAMERA!)

RARE VIDEO: Zuma Dogg PUBLIC COMMENT...ZumaCAM angle. (From Friday's Council meeting.)

If you don't see any Twitter tweets from ZD for over 24 hours, that means I passed away from heart failure over lack of food. It's an issue.

I'm VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY uncomfortable, today. HOPE I DIE TODAY/SOON. CAN Too much physical pain when I don't have food. Can't afford to live. Simple economics.

NO CELL PHONE CHARGER: If you left me a voice mail, I can't hear it. Call 213-785-7272 and leave it there. I'll hear it but can't call back. No phone, no money, no food=no ZD.

IF I MISS OUT ON A DAY LIKE TODAY cause I'm stuck in bed unable to function over no food and my organs in pain, I MAY AS WELL DIE, RIGHT?

ZUMA DOGG SHOW CANCELED FOR TODAY: Not enough food to operate "Zuma Dogg" today. Sorry. Must be no value in what I do, so why do it. Can't do anything, anyway. Adios!

When it's a beautiful Saturday like this, and I can't get out of bed, or move over lack of food and nutrition, and I am going to lose another day, it makes me say, "It's not worth living?" I can't afford to live. Simple economics.

FRIENDS OF ZUMA DOGG: I regret to inform you that today is a MASSIVE crisis for me. NEED MONEY. IT'S BECOME A CRISIS. PLEASE PAYPAL.

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