Thursday, February 18, 2010

Zuma Dogg L.A. City News Update For Thursday 2-18-10 (FOX 11 News Report on WASTED FEDERAL STIMULUS MONEY & Weatherly Capital PENSIONGATE Exclusive!)

  1. FOX 11 NEWS Report on L.A. City WASTED FEDERAL STIMULUS MONEY ( A lot of money...hardly any jobs!)
  2. $300 MILLION DOLLARS: That's how much Zuma Dogg estimates Meruelo Maddox owes City of LA in UNCOLLECTED TAX LIENS. Why did you let it slide?
  3. So how did LA use its Stimulus Dollars?: Most would think a couple hundred million bucks from the government would.
  4. LA NEXT?: California city wants to start charging $300 for fire response 911 calls for RESIDENTS, $400 for non-residents.
  5. RT @ladailynews: Convention Center against privatization: As the city considers privatizing some of its agencies, of...
  6. EXCLUSIVE: New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo "In The Matter of WETHERLY CAPITAL" (24 Page INVESTIGATION Docum...
  7. ACCORDING TO 24 page document from Andrew Cuomo's office...Dan & Vicky from WEATHERLY CAPITAL are not even allowed to THINK about pension $!
  8. Zuma Dogg suspects that Weatherly Capital principal agents DID NOT have licenses to be brokering the Wall Street deals they were making.
  9. RT @Matt_Szabo: Moody's letter revising LA.'s financial outlook to "negative" VALIDATES mayor's budget actions. You mean validates INACTION!
  10. LEMONS!: RT @Matt_Szabo: Moody's letter revising L.A.'s financial outlook to "negative" validates mayor's budget actions. VALIDATES MAYOR?
  11. CD 14 Jose Aguilar: Sign up for a account and you can do LIVE shows (like public access) on ZD's LA Daily Blog feed. Hit 'em up!
  12. NEW ZumaSHOW (L.A. City Council BUDGET EMERGENCY UPDATE) Now Streaming at Political COMEDY! ZD on a roll!
  13. CRUEL WORLD?: Do you know what it takes to have people stop dead in their tracks and go out of their way to thank you profusely? Try it.
  14. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT IT TAKES to break through with the level of name recognition ZD has WITHOUT media gig or budget while on streets?
  15. Huh...huh: I worked on my blog chain yesterday and changed some links around for a while, and now my posts have disappeared off BNN ranker.
  16. BEATS WINDOW VIEW OF SKID ROW: Don't hate ZD cause hot chicks walking to the beach pass by his window all day long. Was only unit available.
  17. DON'T HATE ME cause my low-income housing has a little patio with sliding glass door. Am blogging from there, tonight. Can see Starbucks!
  18. Wall St. firm lowers L.A.'s financial outlook from 'stable' to 'negative' - WALL ST LOOKS AT YOU "NEGATIVELY" Garcetti.
  19. Like Riddler, Batman, Catwoman, Joker, Robin; Zuma Dogg is a similarly create by product of traumatic events endured in society (radio biz).
  20. Thanks to Springsteen, Ries & Trout, Deming, W. Dyer, M. Williamson, R. Bandler, T. Robbins, Deepak & radio Industry for creating Zuma Dogg!
  21. I WAS TRYING TOO OFFEND & ANNOY YOU: Thanks (I guess) to all the parents (with their little brats) who say, "ZD is ONE show ALL can enjoy."
  22. Thanks to all you Academy, Grammy & Emmy Award winners who've bowed down to kiss ring of Zuma Dogg. Thanks for shout-outs! YES, all improv!
  23. DON'T WASTE MY CELL PHONE MINS: Recovering war vet in bed called ZD to say, "Just watched 72 hr ZD marathon on YouTube. Keep it up!" Hoofa!
  24. Ever have.Iraq War Veteran stop you and say, "Just got back from Iraq war. Best part of being back is being able to see YOUR show?" I HAVE!
  25. VIDEO: Zuma Show (L.A. City News & Budget EMERGENCY Coverage) for 2-17-10 (Part 1)
  26. ONCE A CHILD ACTOR: @EricGarcetti was child actor. Now he acts like a child during televised council meetings. Acts as though he has clue.
  27. HEY ANTONIO: Unfortunately, your name ain't Bruce, and those REALLY ARE "booos" from the crowd. (Not at a Springsteen concert.)
  28. Icon, legend, genius...just some of the epitaphs I'm forced to endure from stranger on the street on a daily basis.
  29. THANKS TO L.A. CITY HALL for allowing Zuma Dogg & Matt Dowd's comedy genius to be displayed on a daily basis in chambers. YOU MAKE IT EASY!
  30. ZUMA DOGG, L.A.CITY HALL AFTERMATH: When you look back, 4 yrs later, don't you wish you had just let me sell my dumb shirts at Venice Beach?
  31. Thanks to the thousands of people who have stopped Zuma Dogg on the street or sent email to let me know I made their day on TV or YouTube.
  32. ZUMA DOGG: You're dealing with a guy who walks around in his own t-shirt all day seeking recognition so he can complain people bother him.
  33. ZUMA DOGG: You must consider you are dealing with a guy who walks around wearing his own handmade T-shirt all day in public as a given.
  34. VIDEO: L.A. Mayor Antonio VIllaragiosa ACTING LIKE A MAYOR on ABC Soap Opera (Eric, he's a better actor than you......
  35. Wall St Firm Joins Zuma Dogg and LOWERS L.A.'s Financial Outlook from "Stable" to "NEGATIVE"
  36. "We're stunned and amazed." - L.A. Ctiy Councilman & former Speaker of the Assembly Herb Wesson on emergence of Zuma Dogg at L.A. City Hall.
  37. "Everyone watches Zuma Dogg!" - NBA All-Star Reggie Miller
  38. "Ive seen you on TV. Keep doing what you're doing." - Emmy Award Winner and Veteran Dennis Franz (in person to Zuma Dogg).
  39. HEADLINE: L.A. City Councilman wins mayoral election through CD14 election fraud in 2005 and city is destroyed for generations within 4 yrs.
  40. "Zuma Dogg is the only U.S. comedy-genius bearing the comedy mantle once borne by Lenny Bruce & Andy Kaufman." - Cleveland Plain Dealer
  41. OBAMA: When bad job and economic figures come out, factor out L.A. and tell country, "Without L.A. #s, U.S. economy not nearly as grim."
  42. PREVENT VOTER FRAUD IN FUTURE ELECTIONS: Villaragiosa took office via CD14 voter FRAUD and look what happened? Say no to low-grade thugs!
  43. In any given half hour of "Zuma Show" it's highly likely you'll get at least ONE god, over-the-top, bi-polar triggered rant! Inforanting
  44. RT @LATimescitydesk: LAPD moves 350 officers from specialized units to patrol duty in response to budget cuts:
  45. Mayor Villaragiosa, OUTPERFORMS "child actor" Garcetti on soap opera. Sorry, Eric...Villar wins the L.A. City Hall acting challenge!
  46. Breaking news: Beck: Crime down in L.A., but it might not last: Despite the recession, Los Angeles saw a 10 percen...
  47. L.A. Daily Blog NEWS UPDATE For L.A. City (Wed 2-17-10) - NEW: Zuma Dogg LIVE L.A. City News VIDEO STREAM. Round th...
  48. BOGUS CREDIT SCHEMES WORSE THAN FACTORED: WallSt/DOW will bottom out at 5000 range in 2010. L.A. City PENSION MONEY (city treasury) at risk!
  49. L.A. Counciloser Eric Garpussy says 10:15am is HARD TRIGGER to CANCEL council meeting if no quorum due to members being in committee, still.
  50. Zuma Dogg's L.A. City News Update Via Twitter (All The News That's Fit To Link) MASSIvE UPDATE!!!
  51. VIDEO: Zuma Dogg L.A. City News (2-16-10 - Part 2) - LAUSD Parcel Tax Coming & GRAND AVE PROJECT (Shady) Park Appro...
SPECIAL VIDEO: ZD Speaks with DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE Whistleblower on Meruelo Maddux Downtown Real Estate BANKRUPTING scheme. (VERY COMPELLING, although slow moments with low audio.)


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