Thursday, April 22, 2010

Introduction To NLP (Neuro Lingustic Programming) - You Need To Read This Before We Move On...

This first post lays the foundation for future posts.

So, to those of you committed to higher levels of awareness and unleashing your maximum performance potential (and everybody has one), sans fanfare and introduction...just read this. No need to ask questions as to why I am posting this, or what this all means. Just read it and you will understand the foundation of HAT. If you simply read it one time through, you may notice your own creative breakthrough unleash immediately. (Start carrying a note pad.)


"Introduction to Human Awareness Training (HAT)"

Have you ever consciously decided you were going to quit a bad habit or go on a diet or try to start a project and no matter how hard you tried, it just didn't work There's one reason and one reason only: You have not convinced your subconscious mind. In other words, you have not re-programmed your mind.

Just like a computer, you have to replace the old, undesirable program (behavior) with a new, desirable program (behavior).

If you decide you want to eat less fattening food, your subconscious won't let you until you replace it with healthier food. That's why simply reducing food intake is never effective in the long-run.

This is the only thing you need to know to bring about change in your life. It is what we program into out subconscious that directs out life and out universe and this is how all health, wealth and affluence is created.

Keep in mind, the television programs, movies and commercials we watch; the music and lyrics we listen to; what we read; the conversations we have; and our own thoughts internal dialogue (thoughts) all contribute to the computer program we continually run through our subconscious mind. (No need to go to the movie theater, we are all directors of the movie we constantly produce and view in our mind.)

That's because everything you experience (sight, sound, smell, taste, touch and feelings) are recorded in your mind's subconscious. (Your permanent memory bank.)

It works just like a video camcorder, recording everything you experience through your senses onto the "film" (your subconscious mind).

And although you may not be able to consciously remember every bit of information recorded in your memory, your subconscious does; and makes constant reference to it twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, behind your conscious' back.

Even while you sleep, then dreams you have at night are merely your subconscious mind in action, "out to play," while your conscious rests, "off duty."

It is the subconscious mind that is actually responsible for our feelings, behaviors and actions; and your subconscious controls the thoughts and decisions that shape your life.

Your subconscious is an instinctive mechanism, responsible for allowing your instinctive wisdom and knowledge to flow freely through you.

If your subconscious could flow freely through you, all the time, without distraction -- your mind and body would be in a consistent state of congruence and your actions would always support your emotional needs and desires.

They key to accessing the higher levels of awareness, allowing us to function at out peak, is to have the conscious mind in congruence with the subconscious.

This state of congruence is achieved by replacing old, un-empowering thoughtsbeliefs and behaviors with new, empowering thoughts, beliefs and behaviors.

This is a simple process your mind can go through, just like turning a light switch from the "off" position (old, un-empowering belief) to the "on" position -- allowing your new, empowering belief to stay "on" and flow freely through your mind; and just like turning on a switch, once you turn it on, it stays on and allows energy to flow freely.

The good news is that it is easy to condition your mind to allow your conscious and subconscious mind to work in congruence, by directing your thoughts toward positive, empowering beliefs.

For example, allow your conscious to take a break ad let your subconscious come to the forefront of your mind's eye, allowing you to freely access your higher state of awareness. The state of awareness that unlocks your instinctive knowledge and creativity and triggers your body to take the actions that empowers you to achieve your goals and outcomes.

Now, think of a habit or behavior your want to change; or an outcome or goal you would like to achieve...and simply look at a picture of it in your mind as you would be transformed. Visualize it in your mind. And you can do that. If I say, "think of a yellow flower," I'm sure you have already pictured/visualize a yellow flower in your mind.

To help you move toward your goal and transformation, next time you get home from work, or on the weekend, instead of turning on the TV and channel surfing and going into a trance...DO SOMETHING ELSE!

The term, "trance" is a term you know from self-hypnosis. And when you study NLP/HAT/hypnotherapy, you will learn watching TV puts you into a trance (literally).

And you go into trance all the time without knowing it. For example, when you are driving down the street, your body is steering, your foot is braking and accelerating and you are constantly reacting to other other cars and signals around you, but you aren't consciously thinking about each action You daydream, talk to the person next to you, listen to the radio, look around with your conscious mind; while your subconscious mind is in control of the driving process at a subliminal level.

Ever been driving down the freeway and you are in such a trance you fly past the exit you pass by every day? (TRANCE!)

Two thirds of the time you watch TV you are in trance. Advertisers know this. Ever notice how hungry you suddenly get every time a Burger King or Domino's commercial comes on the screen? That's because advertising agencies know the sight of that flame broiled whopper or dripping saucy cheese triggers your appetite mechanism. (As I just did with this example...quick, grab a protein powder shake!)

So advertisers know how to control and manipulate your thoughts, feelings, behaviors and therefore actions; and you allow them to constantly manipulate them at the subconscious level, with no guard at the gate.

Try to start to become more aware of all the messages you take in throughout the day in the media (programming and advertising); the words you use; the conversations you have; and where you are focusing your thoughts. If you want to produce a different result, you have to change your thoughts.

THERE! You've just been HYPNOTIZED, but in a good way, and it's too late now! No need to thank me. (Enjoy the breakthrough you will now automatically experience without having to think about it again.) And if you think it was unethical, it's only words! (Too bad they were designed to hypnotize you! But it's not like I put something in your drink.)

More content toward this goal will be posted here next time. When I started getting into this material in the 90's it was before the internet and if you told me I could program a round the clock network of "self-help" material (to coin the phrase), it would have been the best thing ever. we can all do it. So consider this a new cable TV network for the self-help/management programming. (If Kelsey Grammer can have his own network for his nutty crap, so can ZD!)
Remember to put the HAT on your head.

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