Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Zuma Dogg TWITTER UPDATE for Wed May 5, 2010 - L.A. City Budget Meeting, New PARKING METER PROBLEMS (ALREADY!) & MORE L.A. City News

I learned through 14 points, you must, "fix the system, not replace individuals" (like councilmembers) as bulk of problems are systematic!

I KNOW IT WILL MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER AT BANAL LEVEL: But replacing councilmembers with other ones will not fix your ailing city frustrations.

INSERT OUTRAGE HERE: LA Committee Backs Rent-Hike Moratorium: (Imagine telling restaurants can't raise menu prices.)

Villar's CAO "Excuse Puppet" says Riordan's letter on L.A. bankruptcy based on inaccurate #'s. How do THEY know? Mayor's numbers WAY OFF! )

ZD'S LAST YEAR'S BUDGET LESSONS TO COUNCIL: Mayor will be overly-optimistic, pad with fake numbers and include sales of things not yet sold.

Hopefully, L.A. Council learned the lessons of ZumaDogg's public comments on LAST YEAR'S budget and won't be bamboozled by mayor, this year.

"How DANGEROUS it is..." - LAFD Spokesman Pat "The Good Guy" McOskar regarding closing of 28 fire stations. NOT WHERE YOU START, DUMMIES!

READ LETTER HERE: From Jackass Douchebag Carmen "Traitor" Trutanich to LA Marijuana Collectives. (NUCH'S WORD=WORTHLESS)

IF MEGA-LEADER, SMART GUY GRIEG SMITH (loser LA Councilman) says Riordan caused pension problem, why didn't SMITH say/do anything in 10 yrs?

A ROLE MODEL: Son of ASSmember Fabian NUNEZ has pleaded GUILTY to KILLING a college student!!! Fabian should plead guilty to bankrupting CA!


"At, or BEYOND the breaking point." - LAFD budget expert during L.A. budget talks. (Better make sure you have your own fire extinguishers!)

There may be other L.A. City Councilmembers more nefarious and corrupt, but none more of a waste of oxygen than Grieg "Crybaby-LOSER" Smith.

"Umm, THAT'S not how a budget works." - Councilmember heard muttering under his breath regarding what was being presented at budget meeting.

BREAKING: To find out what Budget & Finance committee just said regarding new fee hikes and budget mess, check newspapers & blogs tomorrow.

I FEEL KINDA BAD, BUT NOT BAD ENOUGH TO READ THEM: Mary Cummins spends every waking second sending me emails that go straight to delete bin.

MAKES HER FEEL BETTER?: Just checked my email trash bin for item. Saw tons of emails from MCummins piled up in auto-delete bin I never read.

NEW PARKING METER PROBLEMS: ALSO, people complaining that by the time they walk over to put money in new meters ticket is already written!

14 PTS: CREDIT CARD METERS PROBLEMS: Rain comes in through coin slot (workers already hired to repair.) And can't use meters in dark.

14 POINTS: CREDIT CARD METERS have problem with rain coming in through coin slot. Workers already hired to repair. PLUS, don't work in dark.

Einstein had "Theory of Relativity." ZD has "Theory of Stupidity": A quantum force that occurs once becoming elected official. See Trutanich

TELLING SIGN: When DWP Interim GM Austin Buttner says, "and hopefully civil discourse," regarding DWP vs City Council in solving problems.

Wish I could do more.

DON'T EXPECT TOO MUCH FROM DWP INTERIM GM: He oversees 13 departments like Ports, Airport, Housing and only has 120 days. LOL!

DENNIS ZINE ASKS DUMBEST QUESTION EVER: "How many jobs do you plan on creating?" (To DWP GM). JOBS ARE A BY-PRODUCT! Didn't lose on purpose.

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