Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Night News, Politics & Comedy Page with ZUMA DOGG (I try to soften the municipal tragedy with comedy!)

At the end of the day, you may not catch it all...but you'll catch a lot of the news and political stories that come across the wire, each day. (Plus ZD's smart-ass commentary "zingers.") All in a day's Twitter feed.

(And remember, if you think of your favorite comedian of all time (BESIDES ZD, thanks)...the better they are, the crazier they seem to be.) Hope you enjoy my suffering!

ZD TWEETS FOR 8/20/10:
  1. Madonna was banned from radio after burning cross in "Like Prayer" video. Tyler's Aerosmith banned from ZD's stream after becoming AI judge!
  2. Monitoring the world from Twitter. (Almost as good as real life!)
  3. Fee Waybell (Tubes) must live in Venice, cause I see him on his bike. I've shouted him out., but gotta tell him how cool he is, next time!
  4. TO PUT L.A. PENSION LOSSES INTO NUTTY NC ACTIVIST TERMS: Imagine a fiscal tragedy SO BAD, you're NC discretionary funds WILL BE 100% CUT!
  5. A HELL OF A LOT WORSE THAN FAKE PARKING LOT LEASE REVENUE: CIty recently announced pension investments WAY OFF. Counting 8% GAIN in budget!
  6. CITIZENS ALERT: City of L.A. is counting the 8% they ESTIMATE they will make off pension investments. Already LOST $2 BILLION! (How's 2010?)
  7. NOT A MORNING (OR AFTERNOON) PERSON: ONLY TOOK 8 HOURS...but @ZumaDogg finally feels GREAT and is ready to start the day!
  8. RT@nytimes: NYT NEWS ALERT: Wyclef Jean Is Not Eligible to Run for President of Haiti, Electoral Council Decides. WHY IS THIS A NYT "ALERT?"
  9. ADJUSTED ZUMA MUSIC RADIO Friday Night Jukebox based on feedback of audience. Of course YOU may like MORE, or LESS, now.
  10. BIG STUFF!: RT @Stzlyee: City uses the 8% estimate Pension Investors projected over next 5yrs-but, we know they lost 2 Billion as of 6/'09
  11. RT @cnni: Dow posts 2nd down week (REMEMBER!!! That means L.A.'s GENERAL FUND posted 2nd down week! Ask CAO!)
  12. 2 Tarzana women report bed bugs @ Woodland Hills hotel, visit emergency room w insect bites. (IMPOSSIBLE! Dennis Zine's L.A. is WORLD CLASS CITY!)
  13. Sorry you have to sift through ZD crisis tweets between funny stuff. It's whatever on my mind @ that moment. Glad some humor is sneaking in!
  14. Wouldn't it be GREAT if I could filter out all the "ZD crisis mode" blogging and stick to the funny stuff about city? SORRY, WOULD be nice!
  15. ZUMA MUSIC RADIO: Now Streaming - Upbeat Happy Hour Jukebox. (Oldies, Disco, R&B, Classic Rock, Top40, 80's) What K-Earth COULD/SHOULD be!
  16. NO TEXTING WHILE STROLLING: Lady texting while pushing stroller nearly collides w ZD. She says, "SORRY!" (Don't apologize to ME, YOUR baby!)
  17. RT@Schwarzenegger: Friday budget negotiations. (Already saw that pic Arnold, "Dumb & Dumber." (R U making sequel?)
  18. RT @LosAngelesCP: Los Angeles: 10 Spiciest Foods in Los Angeles for Hot & Spicy Food Day (Let's get down to what REALLY matters in L.A.!)
  19. RT@JerryBrown: Hope you come out to Oakland's Art & Soul fest this weekend. (Yeah, Jerry, THAT'S what we need you for; Soul Fest Advice.)
  20. PLEASE! try to be more careful!: Villaraigosa & Council close Valley's ONLY Hazmat Crew. DON'T HAVE ANY ACCIDENTS, PLEASE! DELAYED RESPONSE!
  21. Some living near 405 construction near Sunset say nighttime noise is unbearable. "If you don't like it, leave the state." - B. Bratton, Jr.
  22. L.A. homeless shelters to begin CHARGING for some beds. Some won't be able to pay. L.A, TRULY a two-class city, EVEN AMONG HOMELESS.
  23. The Beatles never met Mayor Villaraigosa & L.A. City Council. ("It's gettin' better all the time; it couldn't get much worse?") SEE BUDGET!
  24. MAKES IT WORSE: LOVE when u say, "Gee, ZD, could be WORSE, u COULD be (insert worst tragedy).GREAT, have to compare to WORST POSSIBLE THING!
  25. CALPERS & PENSION SCANDALS: WIth Calpers shadiness in news, went back and found post that describes ALL THE SHADINESS:
  26. "And I think it's gonna be a LONG, long time." - Elton John (Zuma Dogg also says it.)
  27. If you missed @ZumaDogg Tweets from yesterday, they are posted on my blog, A lot of funny tweets on L.A. news/politics.
  28. HOW TO TORTURE A GENIUS: Surround him/her with others who aren't.
  29. ZD REALITY CHECK: Now that I realize I DO have a slight bipolar issue....people who are crazy think they're FINE and YOU'RE the problem!
  30. KARMA WORKS:Tell Mary Benson I'm no longer living in a cardboard box, but fresh apt a block from upscale beach BECAUSE of time spent in box.
  31. When you tune into KTLA's morning show vs Good Day LA, don't you feel like you're hangin' w marching band instead of the "popular" crowd.
  32. Ann Wilson can get away with it cause she can "belt it out" onstage, but Jillian Barberi is there to look hot in front of weather screen.
  33. Before I say something & find out it's over medical issue, is there a reason Jillian Barberi is entering her "Aretha" phase? Ain't workin'.
  34. U may not LIKE soft hits from Streisand, Manilow, Elton, Dion, Beatles, Sade but will say, "Damn, that's better than KOST-FM ever sounded."
  35. RT @busblog: #ff some LA icons & twitterers @latimestot @sarahardalani @zumadogg @Carolineoncrack @latimeshaiku. ZD BETTER be the ICON part!

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