Tuesday, August 17, 2010

ZUMA DOGG Twitter Update for 8/17/10: Politics, Political Comedy, Hollywood DISH & DIRT & MOST IMPORTANTLY, American Idol Advice!

[Pictured: Y2K debut of now legendary one-of-a-kind, iconic phenomenon, the likes of which has never been seen. Noooooooo! NOT Johnny "Mud" Mudman! The OTHER guy in NC blue!]
  1. 1PM UPDATE: Thanks to wi-fi and a milk crate, the previous tweets from today have been brought to you from Zuma Dogg's bed. Time to perhaps roll out...
  2. Oxnard City Hall raided by federal agents over possible misuse of public money. Oxnard City Hall should have called @EricGarcetti for tips.
  3. HOW TO IMPROVE AMERICAN IDOL PERFORMANCE: You have to FEEL and ASSOCIATE with the words. If singing, My City Is Gone, think of Villaraigosa!
  4. Seriously, I DO think Jan Perry has a classy intelligence when she speaks. But, when it comes to running a district, I'd prefer Mr. Magoo.
  5. JAN PERRY'S DOWNTOWN VIBRANCY: First Maddux LUXURY buildings (9th&Flower, etc) go belly up, NO Grand Ave Project, trash piling up, manufacturing left, NOW American Apparel tanks....JAN PERRY FOR MAYOR!
  6. Maybe if American Apparel's primary shareholder wasn't "repeatedly sued for sexual harassment" the company may have pulled through. A FACTOR
  7. The WONDERFUL American Apparel company, founded on such ethical financial practices TANKS on Wall St. today over shady financial practices.
  8. HOW TO IMPROVE AI PERFORMANCE: The songs are telling stories. You have to "go there." If singing, Brick In The Wall, think of your teachers!
  9. HOW TO IMPROVE AMERICAN IDOL PERFORMANCE: Songs are telling stories. Feel the words. If U sing Billie Jean, get nervous over paternity suit.
  10. VOICE ONLY SECONDARY: When delivering vocal performance, you are acting; but singing lines instead of speaking them. FEEL story being told.
  11. When you think of all time great female vocalists Mariah, Whitney, Barbara, Celine all come to mind. ZD PUTS OLIVA NEWTON-JOHN WAY UP THERE!
  12. When I told Phil Collins, "Prank was yrs before my arrival,." He points, "Yes, but you're smirking NOW!" Cause Phil Collins was scolding me!
  13. It was SURREAL and SHOCKING to have Phil Collins scolding you like your father cause he's such a fun guy on stage. (Oops, sounds like ZD!)
  14. NASTIEST CELEBRITY ZD MET: Phil Collins! Scolded ZD for station prank YEARS before I arrived. Yelled at me MORE after show! A FINGER JABBER!
  15. ACTOR ZD MOST STOKED TO MEET: Dennis Franz for being one of the all-time best actors and a veteran. Told ZD, "Keep doing what you're doing."
  16. COOLEST ACTORS ZD EVER MET: Emilio Estevez & Dan Cortese, both very kind to ZD w words, but as down to earth and "bro" as long-time friend.
  17. WEIRDEST HOLLYWOOD ACTOR ZD EVER MET: Basically, ALL of them. Can't single out nuttiest. Living on set dulls your mind and personality.
  18. COOLEST ROCK START ZD EVER MET: STP guitar-legend Dean DeLeo. A man not afraid to live daily life amongst the fans! Drove ZD to his house!
  19. MOST "OUT THERE" ROCK STAR ZD EVER MET: Sad to say, one of all time faves...PAUL STANLEY. MAN, is THAT guy weird. Reminded me of Mr. Rogers.
  20. I don't know why they don't play Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Beach Boys, Stones, James Brown, Led Zep, Bowie Elton, U2 & Marley on ONE station?
  21. IT'S NOT LIKE THEY HAVE TO PAY FOR THE MUSIC?: Since radio stations play the exact same short list of songs, EVERY DAY: ZUMA MUSIC RADIO.
  22. ZUMA MUSIC RADIO: Now streaming Pop/Rock/R&B/80's Wave of 70s, 80s & 90s. Fun, upbeat mix. Old style Top-40 music feel. http://ZumaShow.com.
  23. Maybe she's happy working part-time at ABC 7 as weekend anchor/reporter, but I wonder why ABC/NY (national) hasn't hired LISA HERNANDEZ.
  24. The best news anchor/field reporter in LA (maybe anywhere) is LISA HERNANDEZ. A warm, friendly beauty with PERFECT tonality & annunciation.
  25. Problem with market research: It's EASY to read what it says in the report. But the dummies can't seem to implement, creatively, in reality.
  26. Unfortunately, it's officially 1 day too late and now I don't give a fuck. if you had to deal w zd for anything, you are fucked as of today.
  27. Whenever I turn my attention to something, I end up being an outstanding phenomenon shocking top experts in the field. Wonder what's next?
  28. Hope Adam Sandler suffers a personal tragedy today and I hope Courteney Cox Arquette mars her face for life, since that's all she's got/had.
  29. The lousy day is starting off early today. needed to put more time between miserable episodes. THERE IS NO NEED FOR ME TO BE UP AT ALL!
  30. I hope the kids of some of the Malibu stars that made ZD fake promises and even worse, ripped me off NEVER get hired and end up on streets.
  31. When I called Sandler's office asking for low-level stand-in work & was told, "No way, gonna use ZD as main star," could've just said, "No."
  32. Called Sandler's production office once to see if I could get "stand-in" work. Was told, "NO WAY, gonna use ZD as main star." What a crock!
  33. Someone from a LIVE gig site must have read my tweets from tonight and wants to do story on their site about ZD w gig info. Too late=retired
  34. Wonder what I'm gonna do tomorrow? Probably listen to my music stream all day & night, again. Time well spent, in my mind! Why do anything?
  35. Zuma Music Radio: Merely trying to be a good version of your favorite local pub's jukebox that you can listen to online http://ZumaShow.com.
  36. When I look at clock at 9pm (KEVIN JAMES SHOW old time slot), I can tell you, there's ALL the difference between 9p and 12mid start time.
  37. Someone said, "Can't believe I'm meeting ZD! HEARD so much of you." I said, "Never saw show?" Said, "No, my friends talk about you all day!"
  38. Ever Hear of Legendary, One-of-A-Kind Phenomenon, Zuma Dogg (Likes Of Which Has Never Been Seen Before?) Find Out Mo... http://ow.ly/18Boj0
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