Thursday, December 16, 2010

HERB WESSON TALKING POINTS (What needs to come out about Herb Wesson in March 8, 2011 L.A. City Council District 10 election):

The challenge to defeat Herb Wesson in CD 10, this March 8, 2011, is to have the OTHER candidates and their supporters get the word out to the general community at large, that doesn't follow inside politics so closely, some facts about Herb Wesson that don't come out during his pancake breakfasts and BBQ movie nights for suckers. That challenge is to let people know, while Herb may be the low-key, silent type during the council meetings (so as to not get all caught up in the current muck) -- HE IS MUCH MORE OF A POWERFUL MOVER AND SHAKER INSIDE COUNCIL CHAMBERS THAN MOST PEOPLE REALIZE. Can't forget he is Villaraigosa's strongest and tightest ally at City Council. I would be completely comfortable using the word, "puppet," if it weren't probably more like "cahoots racketeering partners."


* Boasts that Villaraiogsa is his best friend. They go way back to Assembly days, together. Grew up in the political machine as professional politicians, together. When Villaraigosa needs something done at the council level, Herb Wesson is his "go to" guy. Ask yourself if you like the things Villaraigosa has been doing in concert at the council level with Wesson?

* No matter what increased fee or rate hike, be it DWP, parking meters, trash collection fees, new phone taxes and all the other fee increases...HERB WESSON VOTED "YES" FOR ALL OF THEM!

* No matter what cuts to services and departments in your community, HERB WESSON voted "YES" to cut it. (After raising your fees.)

* HERB WESSON spends countless hours during the council meetings, outside the building completely on long, extended smoking breaks. Herb is not inside city hall, at all, during important discussions. While other councilmembers are listening to the public input and testimony from city experts, Herb is outside, smoking. When other councilmembers are standing up and fighting for their district, Herb is outside smoking. And it is not legal for Herb to be outside the building while his name is appearing on the quorum board.

* HERB WESSON is Chairman of the Housing Committee. Some of the biggest corruption in the city is alleged to be coming out of the Los Angeles Housing Department. How has the city's housing policy gone under (Villaraigosa puppet) Herb Wesson?

* HOT ISSUE: A lot of awareness in CD 10 over the barriers in front of the upscale neighborhood. The local newspaper has detailed the entire history of shadiness under Herb Wesson. This will be a hotbed issue during the campaign.

* If you go back and watch the past two or three years of L.A. City Council meetings, you will see every councilmember standing up to speak and fight passionately for their district, many times, multiple times per agenda item...that is except for Herb Wesson. Please go to and see for yourself. Look for ANY signs of life from Herb Wesson over the past couple years during the L.A. City Council meeting.

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