Friday, December 17, 2010

Zuma Dogg Random Tweets for 12/17/10: Happy Holidays, City Council...Zuma Dogg Will Be Working ROUND THE CLOCK Doing My Best To RUIN Them For You & Yours!

[Pictured: I want YOU muther-f*cker...and I'm coming after you...but now, you can call me "Rabid Dogg." Gonna F*CK your SH*T up, son...and I think 65 TV commercials Wed-Fri, this week, was a nice start.]

HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO L.A. CITY COUNCIL: I will not be on vacation, but using the time to gain momentum to CRUSH you this election season, between NOW and March 8, 2011. First target: HERB WESSON! (But ZD will also not be forgetting about DUMB-DENNIS ZINE. YOU, mi mas estupido amigo, WILL BE THE FOCUS OF ZUMA DOGG till you are sent away into retirement with your TWO pensions. I'll try to save up to buy you a singing Santa "Hookergram" for Christmas. (Have your Chief of Staff call to work out the details.)

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