Tuesday, January 25, 2011

L.A. City Attorney Office - MARK YOUR CALANDER for February 28, 2011 -- (Summary) JUDGMENT DAY with Dowd/Dogg & Pregerson

If you've read this blog over the past two weeks, and especially this week, you will see that TIME IS UP for the City of Los Angeles and their opportunity to settle with Dowd/Dogg, et al @ Venice Beach in response to Judge Dean D. Pregerson's injunction of their Venice Beach Ordinance 42.15, back on October 21, 2010.

As of yesterday, Zuma Dogg is convinced the city is up to nothing more than a "time-stalling" filibuster -- and DOWD/DOGG have lost confidence that the city is negotiating in good faith.

So today, while driving back with Matt Dowd from today's canceled L.A. City Council meeting where we were going to discuss this matter, before council, Zuma Dogg pulled out his mobile phone device (since Matt was driving) and called Judge Dean D. Pregerson's FEDERAL COURT OFFICE and left a voice mail requesting another "status conference" with the judge and the city in one final attempt to preempt a summary judgment motion. (To show the judge we are bending over backwards to prevent going to summary judgment.)

Judge Pregerson's Clerk, Mr. John Chambers replied to ZD's voice mail, quite promptly to notify DOWD/DOGG that the judge wasn't going to do any more "status conferences" and told us we should just go for summary judgment. We were told FEBRUARY 28, 2011 is available, as long as we file by this Monday. SO PENCIL IT IN, Y'ALL...Cause the city attorney told me they won't be ready to discuss numbers, this week...and Monday is the first day of NEXT WEEK...SO PENCIL IT IN...

MEANWHILE TO CARMEN TRUTANICH, LAURIE RITTENBERG, NORM KULLA, BILL ROSENDAHL & L.A. CITY COUNCIL...think about it: Zuma Dogg calls Pregerson's office and gets a date scheduled within 90 minutes. CERTAINLY NO DELAY TACTICS ON JUDGE PREGERSON'S COURT'S  PART...they didn't even wait till the end of the day -- or the next day to call back. CALLED BACK RIGHT AWAY TO SET THE DATE!

FEBRUARY 28TH: DOWD/DOGG go ALL IN versus City of Los Angeles in Summary Judgment.


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