Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Is Bill Clinton About To Become Aware That Zuma Dogg Beat His Pal Villaraiogsa & L.A. City Hall in FEDERAL COURT on 1st Amendment Issues?

Is Bill Clinton About To Become Aware That Zuma Dogg Beat His Pal Villaraiogsa & L.A. City Hall in FEDERAL COURT on 1st Amendment Issues?

That's the question Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa should be wondering, now that Zuma Dogg has asked the question on his blog that feeds into every search engine on the planet.

So Bill, I think you already know about, "Zuma Dogg," from Los Angeles, CA.

I recently beat the City of Los Angeles in Federal Court, but Dr. Deming would be very disappointed at the degree of quality and productivity when it comes to settling this FEDERAL matter. AND, they think I turned into a sucker-chump pumpkin at the stroke of midnight, sometime last week.

But President Clinton, what is most notable about my journey as a gadfly, once I had to show up at L.A. City Hall to notify the city "on the record" of 1st Amendment violation that were taking place at Venice Beach on the Ocean Front boardwalk, I stumbled up a MASSIVE pension fraud scheme, involving Ron Burkle, Henry Cisneros, Bill Richardson, HUD Workforce Housing, Elliot Broidy, Richard Ziman, Dan Weinstien, Richard Riordan, Richard Alatorre, Wetherly Capital, Christine Essel, Mike Roos, Willie Brown, AEG, CRA/LA, Victor McFarlane, Fabian Nunez, Antonio Villaraigosa...and now possibly Arnold Pussynegger.

If you are interested in reading how it all went down, you already know all about Andrew Cuomo's investigation. Well, it's the SAME SHOE in Los Angeles, CA (home of CalPERS, LACERS, LAFPP [LA Fire & Police Pension], CalSTRS...and I hope I'm not forgetting anything.)

Andrew "went" for it. But CA AG Jerry Brown was quicker to heed MC Hammer's warning and felt the issue was, "too hot, can't touch this," in THIS STATE, as he was preparing to run for Governor. (In California, I guess Brown couldn't indict Democratic Villaraigosa and piss off all the billionaire fundraisers who back these elections.


Anyway, ZD hardly EVER stays silent. And the thing he is most vocal about is PENSION FRAUD as it relates to the State of California and the City of Los Angeles.

And Bill, do a Google search for "Zuma-Dogg Gene-Simmon" for the YouTube video. You'll like that one.

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