Saturday, February 19, 2011

L.A. City News - Week In Review (2/19/11): "Code of Conduct" Legal Review, Pension Fraud MEGA-POSTS & NEW ZUMA DOGG VIDEOS! (ZD Blasts Schwarzepussy!)

If you're just checking into this blog, over the weekend, for the first time in a week, or so...below are links to all the blog posts from the past week. (Everything on one easy blog post to scroll over. EVERY POST A DEVASTATING BLOW TO CITY HALL...they are just sick and panicked over all of this blogging...they had NO IDEA ZD could take it to the places he is taking it. Which makes them EXTRA PANICKED as to what is coming next...AND THERE ALWAYS IS MORE...AND THERE WILL BE MORE. (But hopefully, I can enjoy a few hours outside, while the rain has subsided, and give everyone a chance to read over all the fraud, waste and abuse. DON'T're gonna see someone from L.A. City Hall carried away in handcuffs, soon enough. And that wrapped up investigation, opens the door for the next one.

But first, here are the most recent tweets (on Eric Garcetti's "Code of Conduct" during the council meetings. He admits he's not a lawyer, and that is obvious. Some things to consider for the Shitty Attorney's office & Mr. Garpussy.
  • HOW IT WORKS: @EricGarcetti: ZD will express his free speech, during public comment, w/out stopping, and if anything is illegal, arrest me. about 7 hours ago
  • COUNCIL is going to come to the realization, if I am speaking (have the floor), I do not have to stop just cause they are interrupting me. about 7 hours ago
  • FEDERAL JUDGE to decide whether L.A. City can deny someone's free speech at public forum for 30 council meetings for non-criminal activity. about 7 hours ago
  • FEDERAL JUDGE to decide if Perry can stop ZD with preemptive warning, "if you try to break the equipment today," during free speech w mouth. about 7 hours ago
  • FEDERAL JUDGE to decide if Zine applied "Conduct Code" properly ( "address council as a whole"), after ZD said, "I want EVERYONE to know..." about 8 hours ago
  • A federal judge may have a hard time understanding why ZD was banned for 2 days for saying, "losers" at end of speech about losing billions. about 8 hours ago
  • "Code of Conduct" as applied by L.A. City Council requires the speaker to be a legal expert on all issues, far beyond most council members. about 8 hours ago
  • @EricGarcetti greets ZD with, "Good morning, Mr. Dogg." But if I say, "Good morning, Council President," I'm in violation of "Conduct Code!" about 8 hours ago
  • @EricGarcetti: Did you READ Norwalk "Code of Conduct" ruling? Plaintiffs didn't know what was even said, didn't have dates, or audio. WE DO! about 8 hours ago
  • @EricGarcetti:Norwalk "Code of Conduct" wasn't upheld cause it's legal. Plaintiffs were unable to state specific examples of what happened. about 8 hours ago
  • f*cking BLEW it for 5 years, in the face of DAILY WARNINGS from DOWD/DOGG. FEDERAL VIOLATIONS. YOU are the defendants, not us! ;-) about 8 hours ago
  • DOWD/DOGG clearly demonstrate in summary judgment how we were "retaliated against" at Venice Beach for suing city. Look at who is harassed. about 8 hours ago
  • DOWD/DOGG clearly demonstrate in summary judgment how we were "retaliated against" during comment for suing city. Compare to J. Walsh, etc.! about 8 hours ago
  • After 5 yrs of your selective enforcement on Venice Beach and during public comment, it is expected that plaintiffs became more outraged. about 8 hours ago
  • @EricGarcetti: Either "Code of Conduct" is illegal, or not. It isn't based on what Zuma Dogg says to Jan Perry or Dennis Zine, in response. about 8 hours ago
  • @EricGarcetti & City Attorney doesn't understand. It is the "Code of Conduct' that is DEFENDANT in summary judgment, not Zuma Dogg. Get it? about 8 hours ago
  • It's relevant, after 5 yrs of FRUSTRATING interruptions, while I have council floor, my use of "F" word as a protected response. "CONTEXT!" about 8 hours ago
  • Anyone notice, ZD strolled into council chambers April 4, 2006, just as @EricGarcetti became Council Prez? Always said it was his bad karma. about 9 hours ago
  • Thank you for observing the master.
SOME FOLKS LIKED THIS: PENSION FRAUD RADIO: EXCLUSIVE - Zuma Dogg Spills Beans on L.A. City Hall Pension Fraud (ZD explains in this audio) ...

L.A. City News Headlines for week ending 2/19/11:
ALL POSTS ARE BOMBSHELLS AIMED @ CITY HALL. Don't worry about the headline...each post contains enough info to put any pension-fraud kingpin behind bars with Hank & Julio. Tweet links allow a lot of content to be packed into each blog post. A lot of info...this is now the ULTIMATE L.A. City News blog post thread. I repeat, this is now the ULTIMATE L.A. City News post. I know it looks innocuous.
Zuma Dogg Give Schwarzenegger a piece of his bipolar mind (2/18/11)
Zuma Dogg Sings 80's Karaoke to City Hall Officials who, "Take It on the Run," Ba-by. (Pension Fraud Song) I don't believe it, not for a're under the gun, Villar-Garcetti, so you take it on the ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuun! (Doong, doong, doong!)

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