Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Zuma Dogg, Frustrated Watching City Council Struggle With "Efficiency Issues" During Council Meeting Today, PROVIDES THEM WITH A WORD-FOR-WORD SCRIPT!

To: Person Whose Ass Is On The Line @ City Hall Over All This Floundering...
Fr: ZD
Re: The ONLY solution I know of
Dt: May 3, 2011

Dear Person Whose Job It Is As An Elected Official To Take On The Role Of Leadership In This Critical Juncture In L.A. City History (and you KNOW that it is),

Here's something very un-nutty. Before political activist "Zuma Dogg," and before "Singing/Dancing/Improv Cable Access Superstar Zuma Dogg...I worked over a decade in the radio and record industry. Started in Columbus, Ohio -- and leap-frogged the world's most competitive/cut-throat industry in the world. (WORSE THAN POLITICS, CAUSE IT'S PEOPLE'S REAL MONEY!)

While in the industry, no matter what station I worked at from Columbus, Kansas City, Houston, D.C., NYC, L.A., I noticed the same problems were causing the same dysfunction, no matter where I worked. It was such an abusive and dysfunctional environment, I moved from Times Square/NYC to Malibu/Venutra County line -- and morphed into "Zuma Dogg' like Jack Nicholson morphed into "Joker" based on the traumatic events he went through.

DURING THIS TIME, I took it upon myself to study, "Methods for Management of Quality and Productivity" (Innovation/Efficiency/Waste Reduction/Re-Engineering The System). And when I say, "study," I mean, I read an article in the "LA Weekly" of Houston (where I was working, miserably, at the time) about a seminar coming to town by Dr. W. Edwards Deming. I attended the four-day, intensive seminar, where his top consultants were on hand to mentor/tutor attendees. And as I did at city hall as an activist, I was hitting up all the top experts with all kinds of questions. And I took follow up classes, offered by Deming's TOP consultant, Kowsaku Yoshida.)

Deming is the American the U.S. (McArthur) sent to Japan after the war, to help them rebuild the infrastructure and economy. (Cause McArthur couldn't even get a call placed over to his own troops.)

The rest is history, as Japan took Deming's 14 points and applied them to every aspect of industry. The result: The quality products they created and produced, KNOW for their quality, and stole the manufacturing for the U.S. (It worked TOO good, cause Japan listened when the U.S. wouldn't, cause thing were going well, on auto-pilot, in the U.S.)

So, like everything else, I took a world-class knack for this top level, international management principals: I typed up my interpretation of his 14 point plan and sent it to Deming saying, "I don't want to mis-represent any of your points. If there's anything that needs correction, please let me know."

Deming sent me a fax saying, "I agree with your point (blah, blah, blah)...VERY WELL DONE!" So I start saying, "Yeah, Deming sent me a fax saying, "Very well done." And the reaction from top expert consultants in the U.S. was, "BULLSH*T! He doesn't DO that....nothing but red in on his replies." So some folks asked me to fax the letter to them for verification. SO THEN, I knew what a big deal it was, and how I must, "get it." (Cause you truly DO need "disciples" to interpret his words. COMPLEX & COMPLICATED...needs interpretation.)

So I sent it to "Quality Digest," and they fell-over and published it. And Tony Robbins sent me a letter, in the mail, saying, "I too am a Deming fan. I think your synthesis is fabulous. Let's meet sometime soon." (We DID, where Tony bowed down to me, LIVE on stage, during a satellite broadcast across U.S. AWE SHUCKS!)

I mention all of this to you, to give you and anyone you show the following article to, confidence in what you are about to read. (Even though Zuma Dogg wrote it, it's widely regarded by industry experts as TOP NOTCH INTERPRETATION, Y'ALL.

It is very broad, and requires specific application to L.A. City Hall. But you gotta read this first, before you can do that.


HERE'S AN EXAMPLE OF HOW YOU CAN SPEAK "DEMING TALK" WITHOUT SAYING, "DEMING SAYS...." (It's just common sense talk...but you gotta know the music scales before you can start playing the sheet music. Here's a possible example:

COUNCILMEMBER DURING TELEVISED COUNCIL MEETING: "I was trying to find out the process someone has to go through to get a permit, and found out it's a tangled, never-ending process that takes six months to two years. Recently, Lt. Gov Gavin Newsom took a trip to Texas to find out why so many California businesses were leaving L.A. and the rest of California and setting up in Texas, when give an even playing field, these people would like to BE in L.A. and California. He was told, it takes six months to a year to get your permits in L.A., but in Texas it's six weeks. And the FIRST THING we need to do, at City Hall, is have a flow chart made for the most important processes, to provide the starting point and foundation to eliminate the outdated processes left over from the 1950's paper era. We need to identify, through a flow chart, the beauracratic, inefficiencies that are dragging us down, and bringing the city to an economic grinding halt. Because that's just what happened. So Mr./Ms. (City Manager) can you please put together a flow chart of the process a business would have to go through if they wanted to open up a local coffee shop in one of these "for lease" vacant business fronts? Thank You."
See http://zumadogg.blogspot.com/2007/03/interpreting-w-edwards-demings-14.html, then you will ready to talk, grasshopper.


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