Friday, May 6, 2011

Zuma Dogg on Austin Beutner vs Kevin James as L.A. Mayoral Candidates

[Pictured: (L) Beutner, (R) James -- not based on political slant. Just how it uploaded.]

I know people might expect ZD to be excited about Kevin James running for mayor, and it would be fun to be able to jump on that bandwagon and throw it against the city council candidates. But two things:
1) I do NOT begrudge Austin Beutner for being a brilliant, genius businessman who became a billionaire. When I hear him speak, I am always inspired -- despite his mild-mannered, shy/inward, lack-of-charisma delivery. AND, I do not begrudge him for being brought on board by the mayor to help get a handle on things. IT PROVIDED BEUTNER WITH THE MOST INSIDE WORKING KNOWLEDGE OF THE CITY, AT ALL DEPARTMENTAL LEVELS. And he has an amazing aptitude for assessing the situation and figuring out the TRUE/non-crybaby solution. YOU CAN'T TOUCH THAT!

2) Just because Kevin James is a good talk show host, does not qualify him for mayor. I think a talk show host COULD be a great mayor. But, for all of Kevin's knowledge, it's about the same as any other city watch dogg/activist/blogger. He showed up at city hall for public comment, once or twice...and attended neighborhood council meetings. But how are you going to step in and hit the ground running. (It's a pretty complex/complicated gig. And that's just to find the bathroom!) On the air, if you listen to his show, he just reads articles out of the Daily News and L.A. Times, then comments on how bad the situation is, and how we can change it at the polls. BUT, after listening for five years, I am still yet to hear Kevin offer a solution to anything besides, "vote them out." I am yet to hear him expose anything he took upon himself to investigate. (Again, reading an article out of the newspaper is mostly of benefit to the blind.) His show DOES serve a good purpose, anyway, cause it's further exposure and raises further awareness.

So listen to Kevin's show, Mon-Fri @12mid on 870 KRLA and Sunday morning @ 9am. I listen to it as much as possible. (Here's the link to his podcast page.) BUT, that doesn't mean he would make a good mayor, just cause he's a good demagogue. I would be ALL OVER Kevin's campaign...supporting it to the nutty-fullest. Because having a "grass roots/outsider" is something nice to have in the election, cause he will raise awareness and bring things up. But, when you listen to Austin Beutner, and answers he gives to problems, after overseeing all city departments at a doctor's/mechanic's inside view...I can't turn myself into a joke, just cause I like the other guy's radio show.
Since I gave a link to Kevin's page, here's one for Austin:

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