Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Zuma Dogg on Zev Yaroslavsky As L.A. Mayoral Candidate

[Pictured: One SWELL guy! Moe Howard's Estate called. They want his act back!]

SUMMARY: DO NOT VOTE FOR ZEV YAROSLAVSKY FOR L.A. MAYOR! (Look at his record and performance as Los Angeles Board of County Stupidvisors.)

Board of County Supervisors (BOS) are FAR WORSE than L.A. City Council; and based on my review of Stupidvisor Yaroslavsky's performance, at the BOS meetings, as televised throughout the county...MOE HOWARD'S ESTATE CALLED: They say, "Ceast and Desist on the 'Moe from 3 Stooges' Act."

So Zev is a career politician, who has sat on his lazy, bureaucratic ass for twenty years, or so, in the same seat, as the county slid right into the toilet, under his brilliant analysis, assessments and voting record. (He paid $200,000 to have his social network set up for him. (Didn't YOU set up you facebook, twitter and blog, for free, by yourself? Even if he had to pay someone to do it, $200,000??? What does HE care...not HIS money.)

So more to come on Zev "The 4th Stooge" Yarboslobsky: But finally, here's what concerns me about his campaign for mayor, if he chooses to run. (And I say he still might not run, cause Austin Beutner, the city hall-backed candidate, has retained the political consulting services of Ace "Avril" Smith. So that means Zev is gonna be DESTROYED in the mailer attack campaign. And Ace is known to get UGLY. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEAL U-G-L-Y!!! (So I don't know if Zev wants to endure that type of whipping.)

But here's what concerns me about Zev's campaign (positive for Zev): He's currently a long-standing Board of County Supervisor. He has union support and big support from his years and years in that position. And BOS is WAY bigger than City Council, in the fact that they oversee more and make decisions on much bigger money and projects. And everyone knows, these elected officials benefit in their campaigns by the leverage and even infrastructure of their office and position. And here's why:

Imagine if you are a big shot who DOES NOT SUPPORT ZEV and he wins?: OH MAN, are YOU on the out...better take your chances with Zev!!! Because, guess what? If he LOSES...oh no...his ass is still "Krazy Glued" to his BOS seat, and he'll still be voting on all those big projects and money. (Hope you don't have business with the city OR county, if you don't support Zev.)

I don't think any of these amateur. chump-change councilmembers will me able to mount the political infrastructure to beat Austin and Zev in the run-off. (Even though I think Jan Perry will surprise people with the amount of support and money she raises, out of the gate, compared to Garcetti. And Wendy...buh bye! City Hall threw you under the bus on the "Gold Card" ticket fix story, letting everyone know, you either HAD to know about it, or were a moron. Plus, you are too cold and do not even have the ability to be warm and fuzzy, like the despicable Antonio, Garcetti and these other phonies. AND AGAIN...it ain't gonna be the smooth sailing, like it was when you ran for controller against two grass root candidates with $50 bucks spent, between them. (You'll be fighting for union/billionaire share by TOO many other elected insiders. Riordan is backing Austin...when YOU used to be his gal. May as well pull the plug now, to save face on election day.)

So Zev will get support, cause if not...you're almost screwed, either way.

But Zuma Dogg predicts Austin Beutner would DEFEAT Zev Yaroslobsky in a run-off, because ULTIMATELY, people will have had enough of the same, old, tired, elected officials...Ace Smith will DESTROY ZEV in the run-off election...and all the movers and shakers have already fallen in love with Beutner -- and the more who meet him, the more who will jump on his bandwagon.

Anyway...whoever decides to run...if Zev runs...vote for ANYONE ELSE! (And you have a nice day!)

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