Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Zuma Dogg's L.A. City News Tweets for 5/25/11

Today's tweets based on these most recent L.A. City News blog posts.
Everything You Need To Know About The Role of Los ...

  • What's "inexplicable" mean? (I hope something good.) Someone interviewed me in person, yesterday. Called ZD, "inexplicable magic." (Thanks?) 20 minutes ago
  • NOT BAD RESEARCH TO HAVE: When it comes to elections, ZD KNOWS what is MOST IMPORTANT to people, based on which posts get BIGGEST VIEWS! about 18 hours ago
  • You AIN'T the only one reading: It helps when I post a lot of content, as I've been and just had BIGGEST day in years! about 18 hours ago
  • Usually, if I fired off a cranky, bipolar email in 7a-10a hours, I will usually send an apology in afternoon. If you don't get one=YOUR BAD! about 19 hours ago
  • Pension heads taking gifts IS a BIG cause it will bring down crooks on BIGGER stuff. But U only started paying attention over "gifts" part. about 21 hours ago
  • You jealous, simple, activists SICKEN me. You don't care about BILLIONS lost in fraud, but get all worked up about "gift taking." LOSERS! about 21 hours ago
  • KNEW IT: I scream about BILLIONS in pension money lost to fraud=CRICKETS. But, new post on "gift taking" by pension heads=MORE POPULAR POST. about 21 hours ago
  • Someone FINALLY knocks "ZD on Austin Beutner" out of #1 Most Viewed for week: "ZD w #LisaHernandez!" She's a HUGE STAR, based on the stats. about 21 hours ago
  • TERMINATOR, JR. PHOTO, W/OUT FACE BLURRED. Maria, gimme a break. You MUST be blind to not see it! Picture at about 22 hours ago
  • CALPERS FRAUD: Buennrostro took gifts including a condominium & round-world trip from co-defendant, former board member Alfred Villalobos. 1 day ago
  • LA TIMES ON CALPERS INVESTIGATION: Allegations of influence peddling/corruption emerged during scandal that gripped CalPERS in fall 2009. 1 day ago
  • CalPERS Louis. Moret & Fred Buenrostro being INVESTIGATED over gifts. Do Google search for ZumaDogg blogging on these two names. BIG STUFF! 1 day ago
  • MORE CALPERS PENSION SHADINESS: Gifts to state pension officials are under investigation - 1 day ago
  • 3rd World Mess, HERE WE COME: "Even worse news. The state still hasn't issued the bonds which will let us complete the 405." - Villaraigosa 1 day ago
  • SUCCESSFUL!: We cut about 4,600 positions, laid off more people than we have at any time in recent history." - Villaraigosa @ Budget Forum. 1 day ago
  • HE BLEW IT, YOUR SHOULDER: Villaraigosa at budget forum, repeating over and over: The city is broke. Everyone has to shoulder the burden." 1 day ago
  • Kids show up to Charter school that Richard Riordan is Chairman of, to find DOORS ARE LOCKED: Didn't pay the bills! - 1 day ago
  • Search for 2 other Dodger beating suspects goes on as LAPD works to minimize damage from leak of photo 1 day ago
  • Supreme Court upholds order: California to release 46,000 inmates. FAILING SOCIETY! Too many people failing/locked up, not enough state $. 1 day ago
  • By any standard, I'd say this is the sign of a failing society/government. Too many criminals, not enough state money: 1 day ago
  • LAPD infuriated @ media for leaking photo of Giovanni Ramirez. This could taint witnesses for "line up." Search his name on net to see pic. 1 day ago
  • ANOTHER ZD coincidence... blogging HARD, SCREAMING for FEDERAL investigation into California pension fraud, then they announced one in Feb. 1 day ago
  • One of the biggest ZD coincidences was calling Andrew Cuomo with names and links to posts on pension fraud, then those folks getting busted. 1 day ago
  • TAKING OFF ON ZD'S GOOGLE BLOG STATS: About Board of County Stupidvisors.Wish ZD wrote it, but smart enough to post it. 2 days ag
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