Monday, June 6, 2011

L.A. City News for 6/6/11: Mario Trujillo For District Attorney Info, Rosendahl Running for 3rd Term & Zine Says Greuel Is Committed To Mayor's Race

#1 "Most Viewed" for Past Day/24 hour ranker. Even though only posted it 2 hrs ago. (BIG!) ZD's blog post on Mario Trujillo for District Attorney:

  • #1 Most Viewed Post for Past Week @ L.A. City News (30 day ranker): (Council & Media weigh in on #ZumaDogg) 3 minutes ago
  • DAMN! I DIDN'T WRITE IT: #1 Most Viewed Post on L.A. City News for past month (30 day ranker) according to Blogger: 5 minutes ago
  • Here's the Daily News post where I took the info for the ZD/L.A. City Hall tweets below: 12 minutes ago
  • DENNIS THE CLOWN!: "I want to make sure they're committed to same things I care about," Zine said. "Things like 4th of July fireworks." 13 minutes ago
  • ZD's favorite person @Bill_Rosendahl announces he's seeking 3rd term in '13. BILL, you're nutz/good luck! Unions already picking opposition. 16 minutes ago
  • Dennis Zine will say after 7/1 if he'll run for controller. He asked WGreuel about re-election. Told him she's committed to mayor's race." 18 minutes ago
  • HARDCORE L.A. CORRUPTION TAKES A POLITICAL BREAK: Time for @EricGarcetti's two weeks of active duty with U.S. Naval Reserve. Pray for rain! 22 minutes ago
  • A SECURITY ISSUE CLAIM: ALL Neighborhood Councilmembers USED to be able to park @ City Hall for free. Now, limited to just two passes, each. 26 minutes ago
  • As if he isn't out of town with head out of the job, already: @Villaraigosa takes over as President of U.S.(less) Conference of Mayors 6/21. 28 minutes ago
  • CITY HALL FED WATCH: With so many investigations into @Villaraigosa's CIty Hall, time to keep a watch on @FBIPressOffice for breaking news. 43 minutes ago
  • TRUTANICH: HOW can you have any pudding if you DON'T eat your meat? (How can you run for DA if you said you'd serve 8 yrs as City Attorney?) about an hour ago
  • TRUTANICH: Didn't you listen to "The Wall" growing up? Said you'd serve 8 yrs, if elected. (Can't have any pudding till you eat your meat!) about an hour ago
  • Mario Trujillo For L.A. District Attorney - Official Campaign Site & Social Media Links (2012… about an hour ago
  • L.A. DISTRICT ATTORNEY RACE: ZD hearing good things about, "decent guy," Mario Truillo - (Raising big $!) about an hour ago
  • LA DISTRICT ATTORNEY ELECTION: Sorry, Kiddies: NOT NUCH. Is Mario Trujillo the People's candidate?. David Berger "liked" his facebook page! about an hour ago
  • Wish I had my lawsuit settlement money, right now, so I could invest the ENTIRE AMOUNT into the Wall Street ETF: DXD about 2 hours ago
  • @mayorsam: thanks for the thought on that. wish i knew. was looking at the cardenas fund raising post quite a bit! Oh no. about 2 hours ago
  • MEAN ANYTHING?: I can check what city an IP originates from. USUALLY has SPECIFIC city. Got a hit from "United States." FEDERAL IP address? about 3 hours ago
  • PROBLEM W TRUTANICH: He still IS a sharp sounding talker, making great claims. Insiders say he fudges numbers and is a power-hungry-bully. about 3 hours ago

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