Friday, June 24, 2011

L.A. City News Tweets for 6/24/11

[Pictured: Dogg-Eyed View]

Sorry, slow news day. A lot of stuff about Venice Beach and other ZD nutty thoughts. But don't worry, it's not in LIEU of L.A. City News stories, but how I fill my time, waiting for the BIG STORIES to hit. Here's what caught my radar for 6/24/11. Check back in the morning and throughout the day for updates.

AUDIO ENTERTAINMENT/EXHIBIT: Here are one of the songs by the Venice Beach music duo that has been harassed by LAPD. Meanwhile, they get tickets and warnings for things like not being in lined spaces, in the U.S. of A., while the lined spaces - intended for the performers - are filled with illegal vendors. THE JUDGE IS GONNA LOVE THIS ONE! (And ZD feels since the lined spaces were drawn for the assigned lottery spaces, and the assigned lottery has been overturned, so have the spaces. If you can sit on a park bench and play cello, why not a bench on the park at Venice Beach?)

And HERE'S what LAPD is trying to crack down on with undercover sting operations. Today, they bruised this singer's wrist, cause she was sorting through her cards, looking for her ID to give cops, but obviously, didn't pull it out, fast enough -- SO YOU GET YOUR WRIST, BRUISED, BE-ATCH!!! ;-)

You'll probably see these two on the Grammy Awards, next year. But they won't be able to appear to accept the award, because they have a court date, with LAPMORONS.

[Featured Artist: Take a listen. Leaving L.A. next week, after goodbye party in Santa Monica LIVE bar, after a little too much LAPD BULLSHIT coming out their mouth. AND NOW...bruises at the hands of rouge, douchebag cops. Sorry to see the talent leave town, while the morons remain the same.]

Zuma Tweets
  • (CHANDLER VOICE) Could you SOUND anymore pessimistic?: Jerry Brown sees little progress on the budget, but insists, "I'm not giving up." less than a minute ago
  • As reported a couple years ago, and then again a couple months ago, HERB WESSON is NEXT IN LINE to replace Eric Garcetti as L.A. City Council President in July.
  • City Hall spin-blog says, "DESPITE FBI Probe, City Hall Tackles Reforms..." You mean, "City Hall Waits Till Busted by FBI to Tackle Reform." 15 minutes ago
  • How you know "Turning L.A. City Hall Inside Out" blog is L.A. City Hall spin tool: "Despite FBI Probe, City Hall Tackles Reforms." DESPITE? 18 minutes ago
  • TIME TO EXPOSE #LAPD BULLSHIT/WASTE OF RESOURCES @VENICEBEACH. Voters will NOT be happy when they see MORONIC stuff being enforced by #LAPD. about an hour ago
  • #VENICEBEACH PERFORMERS: RECORD ALL @#LAPD activity/enforcement w/cameras. Send to Will take up with Commission on TV. about an hour ago
  • #VENICEBEACH PERFORMERS: It's getting ROUGH out there=#LAPD targeted harassment. RECORD ALL #LAPD ACTIVITY W/CAMERAS. DO NOT GO OUT W/OUT! about an hour ago
  • #VENICEBEACH PERFORMERS targeted by #LAPD: U can record them harassing you, w/out saying they're being recorded. USE PHONE OR GET RECORDER! about an hour ago
  • BREAKING NEWS: Federal Judge bans City of Los Angeles from confiscating belongings of… about an hour ago
  • @Bill_Rosendahl: Why is LAPD doing UNDERCOVER $TINGS for smoking on beach? Can't they catch while smoking? Oh, targeting certain MUSICIANS! about an hour ago
  • Hospitals worry employees won't be able to get work during 405 Freeway closure (So do the patients!) about an hour ago
  • RT @Zlnw5249 @villaraigosa have you filled those million potholes yet? @zumadogg about an hour ago
  • Even though I'm not blessed financially or nutritionally, I am blessed by the outreach of top civic minds in L.A. on city issues. about an hour ago
  • @Bill_Rosendahl: Better call #ZumaDogg. #LAPD STILL being bitch-ass morons and they bruised a singer's wrist & she's gonna $sue$. CALL ME! about 3 hours ago
  • DAMN, #LAPD: The gal singing @VeniceBeach who's wrist some moron-cop bruised is SO PISSED, SHE'S GONNA SUE THE F*CK OUT OF YOUR BITCH-ASSES! about 3 hours ago
  • WHY is #LAPD running UNDERCOVER STING OPERATIONS to bust people for smoking cigs on grass part of Venice Beach? I know it's banned, but... about 3 hours ago
  • "You don't have as many rights as you think you have." - What Venice singer w/bruised wrist from cops says she was told, today on boardwalk. about 3 hours ago
  • #LAPD: #ZUMADOGG contacted by Venice singer. BRUISED by #LAPD grabbing wrist to snatch ID. She was sorting thru cards to HAND to bitch-cop. about 3 hours ago
  • The SECOND there's ONE FIGHT on Venice Boardwalk this summer on crowded day, ZD will be saying, "Cause stores take up walk space with signs! about 3 hours ago
  • #LAPD PACIFIC: A BIG factor of fights @VeniceBeach is over-crowded boardwalk. MOVE EAST/RETAIL SIGNS so MORE SPACE for people to walk! NOW! about 3 hours ago
  • #LAPD: SO CONCERNED w/public safety @VeniceBeach. MOVE THE RETAIL SIGNS ON BOARDWALK. W/summer crowds, need ALL the pedestrian walk space! about 3 hours ago
  • #LAPD/#CHIEFBECK: Since you STILL crack down on ZD's pals, NEXT THING you will FIX are retail stores w/signage on sidewalk. MOVE IT! UNSAFE! about 3 hours ago
  • OH NO! My friends playing music on boardwalk got ticket/harassed by LAPD bitch-asses, for actions of OTHER people watching. GET READY #BECK! about 3 hours ago
  • LAPD suffering budget cuts affecting entire department. Do you LIKE that cops are wasting time writing tickets for cig smoking on the beach? about 3 hours ago
  • STILL gonna wake up broke and hungry, but at least today, ZD made it through wtih a little help from (you know the rest.) Day-by-day, y'all. about 3 hours ago
  • DAILY NEWS: Krekorian's study on neighborhood councils is a grandstanding move: What Else… about 6 hours ago
  • Bill Aims to Make Pot a State Issue: Two House members have introduced a bill that would remove marijuana from t... about 9 hours ago
  • SHOCKER: FBI reports #WhiteyBulger was "rageaholic!" Responsible for killing 19 people: Does a killer being a "rageaholic" surprise anyone? about 10 hours ago
  • CRUEL & UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT: Judge orders #Venice's #LindsayLohan, "NO MORE PARTIES at home, while under house arrest." HOW will she endure? about 10 hours ago
  • TOP SEARCHED NAMES - 6/23/11: #MikeGatto (#PUSSY), #ZumaDogg (#WINNING), #John&Ken, #AlbertAcosta, #JaniceHahn (#CON) about 10 hours ago
  • RT @NBCLA: "These poles are going to have 500 kilovolts going through the lines." Residents protest new power lines. about 10 hours ago
  • EL SERENO=BIG ZD SUPPORTERS, vica versa. GOOD LUCK!: El Sereno Community Garden planting seeds of change for urban L.A. about 10 hours ago
  • FUTURE HEADLINE?: @EricGarcetti takes FBI deal, steps down as Councilman. Rolls/sings like bird on @Villaraigosa pension & housing crimes. about 10 hours ago
  • FUTURE HEADLINE?: @Villaraigosa allowed to retain @USMayors position while awaiting FBI trial. #JaniceHahn defends mayor's actions on KFI. about 10 hours ago
  • @JaniceHahn should hold charity auction to solve budget crisis: Highest bidder gets to put duct tape on her mouth for remainder of 2011!!! about 10 hours ago
  • If @Villaraigosa wants to fill the budget gap, hold charity event: $1 donation to kick Antonio, one time, in the ass. MILLIONS WOULD DONATE! about 10 hours ago
  • @Villaragiosa at another photo-op ribbon cutting, today. (FBI probably told him to go out/get out of the way. He's DONE as mayor, anyway.) about 10 hours ago
  • RT @villaraigosa: "At ribbon cutting for the dedication of... " (OF COURSE you're at ribbon ceremony. Why hang around FBI agents @CityHall?) about 10 hours ago
  • @JaniceHahn: Please stop tweeting shameless, greedy, shady, nutty, illegal, dumb thoughts from your silly, ignorant & corrupt inferior mind. about 11 hours ago
  • RT @lordtiberius: @zumadogg leads the way! Exposing #JaniceHahn as a fraud and a small time chump! Thank you ZUMA D! about 11 hours ago
  • #MIKEGATTO: Should have gone on KFI/J&K, "Sorry I bitched! Just bought some expensive stuff w/Newt G. LOL!" DIFFUSE IT BY MOCKING YOURSELF! about 21 hours ago
  • PR: Gatto BLEW opportunity to SAVE bad PR over "no paycheck" whining. Should have said, "Sorry, guys. Yeah, I was pissed...,".then make fun. about 21 hours ago
  • DAMN, is that Mike "Pussy" Gatto a crybaby. NOW, he/his office whining/crying about Zuma Dogg? LOL! Get back to work, pussy! YOU WANT MORE? about 21 hours ago
  • Ha Ha, @MayorSam and @JohnandKen: Took you guys a while to infuriate Mike "Pussy" Gatto. ZD did it in ONE DAY, Y'ALL. Sorry, Mike. LOL! about 21 hours ago
  • GOSH DAMN, did ZD get under Mike "Pussy" Gatto's skin, today. That's just been confirmed. Sorry, Mikey! Dosn't "Gatto" mean "cat/pussy?" ;-) about 21 hours ago
  • LA CITY NEWS: Always seems to have more readers, late night. More readers in 1am hour than 1pm hour. Of course, headline of new post, helps! about 22 hours ago

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