Saturday, June 25, 2011

Man Busted After Seen Tossing Gun In Venice: Exclusive Video of Scene & LAPD Scanner: (Fascinating Insight Into LAPD Operation!)

HERE IS WHY LAPD SHOULD NOT BE USING LAPD RESOURCES & COPS ON UNDERCOVER STINGS AND ENFORCEMENT OF MUSIC PERFORMERS on Venice Beach Ocean Front Walk. While you MORONS are harassing the girl singing with the cello player...HERE is what is happening under your DUMB NOSES, lookin' the wrong way. IMAGINE IF THE EIGHT COPS SURROUNDING THE FEDERALLY PROTECTED PERFORMERS, SINGING A DAMN SONG, WITH A GUY PLAYIN' A CELLO, WERE VISIBLE TO THE HARDCORE CRIMINALS, INSTEAD OF THEM SEEING THE BACKS OF LAPD HARASSING SOMEONE FROM SMOKING A CIGARETTE ON THE BEACH. (And I HATE cigarette smoke on the beach. But it blows away, when people sit in back on the grass or sand. But cops walk over to write a ticket. Meanwhile, speaking of "blow away," the REAL KIND is walking right behind them. THANKS THE TO PERSON (not LAPD) WHO CAUGHT THIS AND CALLED IT IN!

Parole Violator Captured, Along With 9mm Gun, In Venice Beach By LAPD – Tony Vera Video

A witness saw a group of approximately 12 males near Main and Horizon walking, passing a gun amongst themselves, and then one put the gun in his waistband. Apparently as they were walking he was flashing the gun. The witness called LAPD, and an air unit was immediately dispatched, a perimeter was set and the suspects fled in different directions. The one identified as flashing the gun was caught at Main and Grand Ave. He threw the gun when he fled, and the 9mm handgun was retrieved a few blocks away.

Two males from the group were captured and identified by witnesses. They are from the Mid City area, one of the youths was on parole. LAPD acted swiftly, was organized and had a perimeter set and the suspects and weapon were captured very quickly, on a busy Summer day. Exceptional work by our local beach officers, patrol units and especially Airship 10 for keeping the streets safe! (WHEN YOU AREN'T HARASSING MATT DOWD FOR SELLING $1 INCENSE OR A GUY PLAYING CELLO!)


LAPD POLICE SCANNER (via @Venice311/

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