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Zuma Dogg Calls for INVESTIGATION of Red Hot Chili Peppers VIDEO Shoot: Only Permitted For Music, Not A Video Shoot - LAPD/LAFD FORCED TO SCRAMBLE/$$$

Based on the post: Red Hot Chili Peppers Meet Venice Beach And LAPD – Despite Permit Issues Event Is Safe And Without Incident (via Link below. The story is copied into this blog post, and ZD adds his additional comments. The Venice-bloggers double-team, investigation into a potential municipal general fund robbery! (Venice311 DOES blog about Venice crime and blight. This story appears to have BOTH!)


[In this video, you can see how many LAPD were needed, just to watch Zuma Dogg and the band's tour bus. LAPD was out in FULL FORCE, including RIOT SQUAD DETAIL...keep reading!]

Red Hot Chili Peppers Meet Venice Beach And LAPD – Despite Permit Issues Event Is Safe And Without Incident:

ZUMA DOGG SAYS, "It BETTER have been safe and without incident." It cost L.A. City half it's general fund, providing last minute, un-scheduled LAPD & LAFP services for the video to generate millions for the band, managers and agent. ZUMA DOGG is calling for an investigation by L.A. City Attorney Carmen (Won't Call Him "The Clown" For This One Story) Trutanich to contact William Morris Agency about recouping costs to the city incurred for this commercial event. I don't know if the Michael Jackson/AEG event at Staples Center actually had "criminal elements," as alleged. But ZUMA DOGG alleges (feels) there ARE in THIS case!

The permit was only for "live performance," NOT A FULL ON VIDEO SHOOT. Especially, that little crane they rolled out onto the boardwalk and over the heads of the river of people walking beneath on a crowded Saturday.

HERE IS AN ACCOUNT OF THE EVENT BY, that also has a lot of picture coverage of today's (illegal/criminal?) event.

LinkVenice311 said: I CANNOT believe they had that crane with a camera and
people on it going out over the crowd with no controls or protection for
the people below. Sloppy and dangerous.

From Venice311:

This morning while riding to put new trash can liners in the new trash cans on Windward, I saw quite the film crew situation setting up on 19th Ave.

Buzz at the scene was that the film crew was setting up to film a live performance of the Red Hot Chili Peppers on the roof. Surprising for a Saturday, and also because having done many graffiti patrols this week, I didn’t see any Film LA buck slips stating that any filming was going on. I ran into Sgt. Vasquez… and LAPD was not aware of any filming, but more importantly they were not aware that one of the most famous bands on the planet was going to be doing any kind of live performance or filming either.

Given the recent near riot at Hollywood and Highland, and the history in 2011 of flash mobs, out of control crowds and violence… LAPD and especially Venice Beach doesn’t need any surprises.

After requesting a copy of the permit and getting a lot of buck passing and a bit of run around… the film crew generated a permit. The problem was that the permit was only for playing live music, not filming. And, it was for a different address in Venice.

A contact at Rec and Parks informed me that film crews are almost always denied permission to shoot on the boardwalk on the weekend ever, especially in the middle of the Summer.

Additionally, they had a film crane in the park next to Muscle Beach, and had NO safety tape or anything. Pedestrians were walking around it and underneath it, they didn’t even have people around to direct safety at all. LAPD made them remove the crane from that area immediately. (I hope they got a ticket, too, like Matt Dowd for having his equipment sitting in the wrong, un-marked place. See: "As Applied!")

In short order, Captain Peters orchestrated 140 officers and units (Aka: $$$ x $$$) to descend on Venice Beach to ensure the situation was handled safely and professionally. The fire marshal was called also ($$$), and soon the permit debacle was (mitigated).

Because so many resources had been applied to the situation, after consulting with the film crew and to put it nicely, ripping them and all involved a new one… LAPD and LAFD felt they had enough of a handle on the situation to let them film, which in turn would probably stave off a potentially greater problem since the performance had already hit the twittersphere. [AND HERE IS THE ISSUE: Nice way to get LAPD & LAFD to PAY for your VIDEO SHOOT. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH IT WOULD HAVE COST TO HAVE THE CITY ALLOW FOR THAT FILMING PERMIT ON VENICE BEACH ON A SATURDAY?!?!? Which is WHY they probably forgot to mention THAT part, when applying for the permit. So THEN, to avoid a public safety problem, they have to call LAPD/LAFD resources from EVERYWHERE ELSE to manage this MONSTER EVENT?!?!? Hope crime wasn't up EVERYWHERE ELSE? So Red Hot Chili Peppers BAMBOOZLE to People of Los Angeles and probably cost the city a million dollars, out of nowhere for the Globetrotting Millionaires. Watch out, Troubadore...they're doing a show there, on Sunday, I heard, standing around the tour bus.]

Additionally, LAPD requested that the noise be kept within city ordinance, which they did. It was all actually quite pleasant. [ZD: Yes, it was nice and pleasant, for an event meant to entertain large masses of people, throughout a half mile radius. THAT IS NOT WITHIN THE L.A. SOUND ORDINANCE PARAMETERS, AS APPLIED TO ZUMA DOGG, EVERY TIME HE BURPS! So again, as the law is being applied ("as applied), Zuma Dogg and Matt Dowd keep getting targeted enforcement. YOU SHUT DOWN ZUMA DOGG FOR SINGING, WITHOUT EVEN USING AN AMPLIFIER! THESE GUYS JUST ROCKED AN ENTIRE ZIP CODE? Why didn't you shut the illegal, non-permitted for video shoot down, like you shoot down Zuma Dogg and Matt Dowd? WE'RE JUST AS GOOD AS THEY ARE!]

WORLD EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Red Hot Chili Peppers leaving tour bus and walking to Venice Beach roof top video shoot of this now controversial event.


HERE'S A POST, FROM SATURDAY MORNING, before people knew it was RHCP. Shows what a BLATANT -BAMBOOZLE they were trying to perpetuate upon the peeps, y'all...Illegal Film Crane Yanked From Muscle Beach

HERE'S A TWEET THAT JUST CAME IN, BASED ON THIS POST: This guy gets the frame of my post and what this is headin' toward: RT @jameshightower ZD, You don't think RHCP will be billed? You don't think RHCP will pay? (James KNOWS what's up. Watch for RHCP to pay!)

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