Thursday, September 15, 2011

IF YOU ARE SERIOUS about doing YOUR PART to END LA CITY MOB-STYLE CORRUPTION: FUCK public comment. FBI is taking names of bribe takers, NOW!

[PICTURED: EXERCISE YOUR RIGHTS, OR LOSE 'EM. I AM HERE TO SAY, YOU ARE, IN L.A. CITY!!! FBI IS HERE TO HELP. HELP THEM, HELP YOU! IT'S ALL WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR! Don't be a nutty, crybaby at a neighborhood council meeting. BE BIG BOYS AND GIRLS on a REAL issue, destroying a REAL CITY!]

TWEET: @Bill_Rosendahl & @EricGarcetti: Consider ZD's ears are RINGING from people SCREAMING about LAHD/REAP & BUILDING and SAFETY (IMPOSSIBLE to get removed w.out BRIBE) I'd suggest you RELEASE ALL FROM PROGRAM, TIL FBI PROBE WRAPS!

The rest of these tweets are about the current investigation into Los Angeles Housing Department's RENT ESCROW ACCOUNT PROGRAM (REAP) and allegations of RAMPANT and SYSTEMATIC bribes. Some have been forced to give bribes. Others are stuck in "Hotel California" Grim REAPer HELL: They can check out anytime they'd like, but they can NEVER LEAVE (the program). In OTHER WORDS, ONCE and IF someone is actually able to become compliant with the continuous and abundant violations that have been proliferated and saturated upon a property owner (that owns a property the City of Los Angeles would like to own) -- YOU WILL NEVER, EVER-EVER find the final sign off inspector -- ANYWHERE ON THE sign off on your final check-off. (Then errors are passed down through the corrupt system...further liens and rackets are bamboozled...and NO ONE seems to be able to stop the runaway train...and before you know it...SHUCKS...the person loses the property and it turns over to the City, and then some preferred developer, WHO WAS ALWAYS GOING TO END UP OWNING IT IN THE FIRST PLACE.) At least in Vegas, the house gives you free drinks.

IT IS THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF CORRUPTION (not just because they don't give you free drinks)...and THAT IS WHY THE FBI IS NOW CONDUCTING AN INVESTIGATION, and if you know of L.A. "bribe takers" or CANNOT GET REMOVED FROM PROGRAM, as described above, CALL THE FBI, RIGHT NOW, AND REPORT THE CRIME! 310-477-6565

THAT IS HOW IT WORKS with ANY law enforcement agency. Unfortunately, they do not fly around, from above, everywhere at all times, like Superman, Batman or Zuma Dogg. Be it LAPD, District Attorney Public Integrity Unity or FBI: THEY CAN ONLY GO TO WORK, if you call in the crime. So pretend your cat is stuck in the tree, or neighbor's stereo is too loud; and instead of calling 9-1-1, call F-B-I...on something that REALLY MATTERS.

And here's my final message to you on this matter. I've gone through this process with LAPD/D.A.'s office and FBI, recently. I NEVER DID in the past, cause I thought it was a big, long, bureaucratic, impossible and intimidating process. So I would just go on TV 35 and SCREAM it...and BLOG it, in hopes they'd read it. BUT AT THE END OF THE DAY, NOTHING has been more effective than calling on the phone, directly.

AND when you call the FBI (and I am not the only one who has, I've spoken with others in the community who have, as well), it is an easy, efficient process. FIRST OF ALL, YOU are helping THEM do their job, better. Cause they have been working hard on this, and they take pride in their efforts and want to see fruits of their labor. AND, FBI are not MORONS like City Council/City Hall people and are generally pretty cool, cause they know you are intimidated in the first place. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY TO ZUMA DOGG: When you call, just press "0," and someone picks up, right away...AND THAT IS THE PERSON YOU TALK TO. THEY DO NOT TRANSFER YOU AROUND ALL DAY LONG TO 20 DIFFERENT PEOPLE, ONLY TO END UP IN VOICE MAIL HELL. THEY DO NOT EVEN HAVE VOICE MAIL.

If you are a victim of L.A. City, as described above, and STILL do not want to call. Send me and email,, with your story and phone number and I will contact you, then pass along the info for you. BUT WAY BETTER THAN THAT, IS CALL YOURSELF, NOW, CAUSE LIKE TIME WARNER...they got operators standing by, 24 hours a day, too!: 310-477-6565. DO NOT CALL IF YOU ARE SOMEONE WHO HEARD SECOND HAND PLEASE, BASED ON THIS POST: ONLY IF YOU ARE THE FIRST HAND VICTIM!


  • "The more I think about "erroneous" lien posted on my window the more pissed off I get. I did everything right & city still FUCKS me." (ZD READER who contacted me on SHADY LIEN posted on CD 11 property. I SAW PAPERWORK. WHAT A FUCKING DISGRACE, ROSENDAHL...THAT YOU ARE ALLOWING THIS. ZD BUSTS IT IN 2 SECONDS!)
  • IF YOU ARE SERIOUS about doing YOUR PART to END LA CITY MOB-STYLE CORRUPTION: FUCK public comment. FBI is taking names of bribe takers, NOW! 2 minutes ago
  • CITIZEN'S ALERT: People (renters & owners) in LA are held hostage to MOB LIKE CORRUPTION. IT IS YOUR DUTY TO HELP CURRENT PROJECT TO END IT! 3 minutes ago
  • If YOU are victim of LA HOUSING DEPT/REAP or BLDG & SAFETY and DO NOT want to call FBI with names, contact ZD. I'll forward names for you! 4 minutes ago
  • CALLING FBI TO REPORT BRIBES/CORRUPTION IS EZ=Not intimidating. Call 310-477-6565. Press "0." Better service than Dominos! U R helping them! 6 minutes ago
  • If you've been VICTIMIZED by LA Housing Dept/Bldg & Safety (had to give bribe/or can't get a sign-off, once compliant) CALL FBI, NOW! 24/7! 10 minutes ago
  • RT @Villaraiogsa: Today we remember LA will always stand as vital bridge between USA & Mexico. (Yea bro. Today and EVERY day=Sanctuary City) 13 minutes ago
  • L.A. PROPERTY OWNERS: If you have complied with L.A. City on Rent Escrow/Bldg&Safety demands AND CANNOT GET SIGN OFF, call FBI=310-477-6565. 15 minutes ago
  • L.A. PROPERTY OWNERS: If you are a victim of LA Housing Dept/Bldg & Safety "no bribe/no inspector sign off" FBI WANTS TO KNOW: 310-477-6565 16 minutes ago
  • L.A. CITY COUNCIL: Not sure if YOUR inside contacts are as good as mine. Regarding LAHD/REAP BRIBES: FBI REQUEST LINES ARE OPEN FOR NAMES! 19 minutes ago
  • Rosendahl/Garcetti: Since ZD's ears RING from people in LAHD/REAP (no bribe/no sign off), suggest U RELEASE ALL FROM PROGRAM, TIL FBI WRAPS! 20 minutes ago
  • CITY HALL: YOU NEED me in AGOURA!. How did ZD hear Wendy hired PR firm, REAP, B&S, Pensions, etc? PEOPLE TELL ME WHEN I WALK L.A. STREETS! 34 minutes ago
  • LAHD: I AM aware of the RENT ESCROW inspector sign-off "log jam" in Bill Rosendahl's CD 11. LOTS OF NICE PROPERTIES CITY IS SALIVATING OVER! 38 minutes ago


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