Wednesday, September 14, 2011

L.A. Mayoral Candidate WENDY GREUEL/CAMPAIGN TREASURER, SHUT DOWN by State (A BAD Hire, Wendy) & Is Eli Broad's $52 Mil CRA Garage, Pay-2-Play Deal?

[Pictured: ZD filing Ethics paperwork, this week, for 2013 L.A. City Mayoral election. What I plan to expose, is all covered on the front page of this blog, today. AND REMEMBER...when you see me...if YOU are an L.A. Country KINGPING...make sure to BOW DOWN and KISS THE ASS of L.A. County's TOP new KINGPIN! Read and weep, BITCH-ASSES!]

9/14/11 UPDATE: L.A. City Mayoral Candidate's Campaign Treasurer, Kindee Durkee, was not only BUSTED this week, but NOW has been SHUT DOWN by State of California, for being an UNLICENSED accountant. So first of all, The Wendy Greuel For Mayor campaign needs a new campaign treasurer. Secondly, you have to have SERIOUS concerns over Wendy Greuel as mayor, when you consider of ALL ACCOUNTANTS in the STATE of CALIFORNIA, HOW DOES SHE END UP PICKING THE ONLY ONE SHUT DOWN BY THE STATE, FOR BEING CORRUPT? (Wendy is a SERIOUS liability to the city!)

SECONDLY: READ THESE TWEETS, CAUSE AGAIN ...I NEVER BLUFF...and L.A. City News just came out with it's new "Top L.A. KINGPIN" ranker, based on it's "Info=Knowledge=Power" (Labong) Formula. These tweets may help you put it all into perspective.

12/5/11 UPDATE: As the 2013 L.A. Mayoral Election is already rolling along, at full money-raising and promise-pandering steam; check this blog post thread for information on mayoral candidate Wendy Greuel. Here is an introductory post from 12/5/11:

Zuma Dogg Weighs in on Wendy Greuel vs Jan Perry as L.A. Mayor Candidate (Although The Thought Alone is HORRIFYING!) ZD Makes His Argument & Pick

I was speaking with someone and I asked them who they were considering as a candidate for L.A. Mayor in the 2013 election. They said, "I'm thinking about either Jan (Perry) or Wendy (Greuel). [OK...for sake of this blog post, I will pretend those are the two only options...AND THANK MY LORD AND SAVIOR FOR THE FACT THAT THIS IS NOT THE CASE!!! FOR THE SAKE OF HUMANITY!

But given the option, here is an email I sent in response, since I am a control freak when it comes to inserting my political opinions.

Dear (ZD Community Constituent),

Although I wouldn't/couldn't support either one of the crooked phonies, between Jan Perry and Wendy Greuel, I am URGING you to give heavier consideration to Jan Perry. I don't know if you even can comprehend what it means for ZD to say, "support Jan Perry." But given the option between the two, based on my five years of investigating fraud, waste and abuse at L.A. City Hall; and given that I have spent 18 hours a day researching and connecting the dots, as to who the top kingpin players are, who ran roughshod on a municipal wrecking rampage; WENDY HAS BEEN RIDING ALONG IN THE GETAWAY CAR, ALL ALONG WITH THESE PEOPLE. [All those Wetherly Capital/LACERS pension executives who were BUSTED and thrown in prison/resigned SUPPORTED WENDY GREUEL with fundraisers. Money was funneled into her long-time crony Cisenero's CityView housing; the city lost BILLIONS in pension money. The City's LACERS board said, "Pension commissioners investing in "non-investment grade," "overly-risky projects," was the reason the city lost billions and is in the budget and services crisis. AND, the NUMBER ONE BIGGEST LOSS WAS...HENRY CISNEROS CityView Housing project. [I CAN GO ON, FOREVER..............]

And, besides the clique she rolls with; and things she has done (and more importantly HASN'T DONE), she doesn't have the personality/charisma/ leadership quality to drive a huge municipality, like L.A. As much as Jan sickens me; she is smart; speaks eloquently; has been more outspoken, occasionally, on key issues (that has THRILLED ZD, upon occasion); and you NEED someone kinda bipolar/sociopath, like Jan. YOU NEED THAT ENERGY TO PUSH THE BUS. I just don't think Wendy has mayoral leadership qualities, compared to Jan.

Wendy and Villaraigosa have one thing MASSIVELY in common: THEY BOTH HATE JAN! Wendy's council staff told me she used to slam the door in her office and start SCREAMING about Jan. And the mayor won't even talk to Jan. Jan represents MORE of a change, AWAY from the Villaraigosa administration (semi-organized crime ring/mafia racket); and Wendy Greuel is MORE of a continuation/same team.

Wendy is adorable, with that cute little haircut, and meek little voice; but if you would like to know more as to why I think Mayor Greuel would be a scary, scary experience for the city, I can tell you, in person, next time we bump into each other.

JAN PERRY IS THE ONLY COUNCILMEMBER TO CALL THE POLICE ON ZD TO TRY TO GET HIM IN TROUBLE (luckily they laughed and said, "you should have listened to him, Jan.")...AND I STILL WOULD VOTE FOR HER OVER WENDY. (Damn, that really says something. AND, also keep in mind...Wendy has never done a thing to ZD, except ruin L.A.)

Yours In Municipal Righteousness,

Zuma Dogg

[NOTE: OF COURSE...DO NOT VOTE FOR EITHER ONE OF THESE DEPLORABLE ELECTED OFFICIALS. This was to a person, who was ONLY considering THOSE TWO...which says a lot about the person, to ZD, as well. Sometimes you can like a person for cultural/personality qualities...but their political opinions...can make you forget about all of that, and just hate them. LOL! Just kidding...? ZD's not the kind of guy who would instantly severe a long-time personal friendship, just cause they say ONE wrong thing, politically. Naw...not all all. I do spend a lot of time alone, these days, though. LOL.]

12/5/11: #WendyGreuel: #ZumaDogg has blog post on FIRST PAGE of Google search for YOU! Gonna gut/re-post for mayor election! ;-) l



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