Wednesday, September 28, 2011

VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Zuma Dogg Exposes Alleged RICO-RACKET/Money-Launering Kickback Scheme of CRA Money & L.A. Non-Profit (FOLLOW UP!)

[PICTURED: Where is the CRA LOGO, Y'ALL? See agenda item link, below. For $150K in voter approved CRA/LA BOND MONEY for REDEVELOPMENT of low income blight, YOU COULD AT LEAST PUT THE LOGO ON YOUR FACEBOOK & TWITTER PAGES, AS PROMISED...IT'S EVEN FREE TO DO THAT, UNLESS YOU'RE ZEV YAROSLOVSKY! Facebook pic taken 9/25/11. Twitter pic taken today. The agenda item is WAY before that. NO MENTION OF CRA ON EITHER PAGES. (DAMN, YOU UNGRATEFUL NON-PROFIT...can't you even say, "Thanks to CRA/LA for their support of our 2011 season." IT IS FREE TO TWEET THAT! NOW, ZD has a WHOLE bunch of questions. Wonder if FBI does, too, now?]

L.A. POLITICAL ICON & KINGPIN (WHO BUSTS OTHER CORRUPT L.A. KINGPINS) EXPOSES WHAT HE BELIEVES TO BE SOME FBI WORTHY ANGLES TO INVESTIGATE, REGARDLING LOS ANGELES NON-PROFIT. Is ZD too conspiratorial, or has he just connected KINGPIN dots in L.A. County and CRA/LA MONEY! (Voter Approved Bond Money, being used, "to nurture future storytellers." But that's not the worst part. Perhaps, the CRA isn't even getting THAT?) Zuma Limbaugh O'Reilley EXPLAINS in the LA City News EXCLUSIVE!


AND, OH YEAH, the treasurer of Casa101 is a long-time life pal and school mate of L.A. Councilman Jose Huizar, who approved to money into the non-profit. The treasurer ALSO does other things for the city. (See Casa101 website/treasurer.)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

CRA/LA APPROVES $150,000 to have logo placed on ads/fliers, promoting Huizar-Villaragiosa-Molina Connected Non-Profit, To Nurture Future Storytellers


Molina/Huizar/Essel, pouring BIG CRA MONEY into this: "“The goal & mission is to nurture future story tellers." Is CRA money given for THAT? 4 minutes ago

I GUESS when Essel approved $15,000 of CRA/LA redevelopment BOND MONEY to have logo slapped on nonprofit theater group programs, not fraud? 7 minutes ago

I GUESS you gotta throw in $5000 for the Christmas party, as long as you're giving a non-profit $150K to hand out promo fliers w/CRA logo. 9 minutes ago

CRA/LA CEO ESSEL: Is paying $10,000 to distribute fliers in Boyle Hts fraud or waste. Give Jose Aguilar $1000, and he'll do it, RIGHT! 10 minutes ago

CHRIS ESSEL: What are you doing, giving nonprofits $20,000 to merely include CRA logo in ads promoting niche, film festival/poetry readings? 12 minutes ago

When Essel approved $10,000 to have CRA logo included on a nonprofit's website/social pages & bi-monthly e-blast to 3000 people. WASTE/FRAUD 13 minutes ago

WASTE OR FRAUD?: Inclusion of CRA logo on CASA101 website/social media pages/bi-monthly e-blasts=$10,000. WOULD U PAY $10K for a mere logo? 15 minutes ago

JOSE HUIZAR quoted supporting CRA money handout to L.A. nonprofit. He's been questioned by FBI, more times than Lady Gaga on MTV red carpet. 32 minutes ago

I've NEVER seen such a BULLSHIT example of FRAUD, WASTE & ABUSE, ALL AT TGE SAME TIME: CRA money to L.A. nonprofit: PDF: 41 minutes ago

ChristineEssel/JoseHuizar/GloriaMolina. I THINK U SHOULD GET PRISON TIME after reading CRA File No. 9281 on Casa101 nonprofit. Maybe u will. 47 minutes ago

L.A. nonprofit CASA101 pays workers $30/hr x 750 hrs=$67,500/yr to hand out CRA fliers, funded w/$150,000 from CRA! CHRIS ESSEL, R U INSANE? 51 minutes ago

LET ME GUESS?: When CRA/LA gives Casa101 nonprofit $150,000 to print CRA outreach fliers, someone related to Casa101 gets printing business. 57 minutes ago

L.A. NON--PROFIT SHADINESS (CORRUPTION?) CRA/LA give $150K to Villar/Huizar/Molina Casa101 for "CRA OUTREACH!" PDF FILE: about an hour ago
If #FBI is investigating City Hall, and isn't looking @NONPROFITS, like investigating circus animal theft and not looking for the elephants. about an hour ago

I caught the link to the file from this Mayor Sam blog post, from Monday (8/29/11):

CASA101 is moving to a larger location on 1st Street, but its financial state is still precarious as quoted, here: "While CASA 101’s new theater may be structurally solid, its financial state is still on shaky ground. CASA 101 currently only has two paid staff members; and Lopez and her husband, Emmanuel Deleage, put up their home as a collateral for a loan to finance the conversion of the new location to a theater. (ZD=OH BOY!)

The non-profit has received financial support from the offices of LA County Supervisor Gloria "KINGPIN" Molina and Los Angeles Councilmember Jose Huizar (questioned more times that Lady Gaga on the MTV awards Red Carpet). But the project also been rejected by numerous grant funders, according to Lopez . (Because grant funders tend to not like to burn money, when it's THEIR money, and not other people's [bond] money.) One must question what happen to the $150,000 outreach grant from CRA given to CASA 101?

ZD: I would like to see an accounting of the numbers they used regarding amount of people they said they would reach, at each performance, along with the number of performances, compared to number estimated in the file. Also, how many people were served at the Christmas party? What was served. For that money, better not have been hot dogs and rice & beans? And who catered the party...hope not anyone's brother, sister or best friend sleeping on your couch. And who printed the fliers? Let me guess...the guy sleeping on your couch. Just some of the questions ZD would be asking if he were an FBI investigator, but he isn't. OH YEAH, and I wonder if any of the money is being "kicked back" to anyone involved in contributing (Jose Huizar/Gloria Molina). That can be done many ways. (But I don't need to tell you those, right here, right now...cause we've been through that.

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