Tuesday, November 8, 2011

History of Zuma Dogg @ City Hall: Corruption Leading to FBI Probe of L.A. City Hall Exposed in This Half Hour Video (Past 5 Yrs of Public Comment)

A lot of long, dark nights sleeping in my car; then sidewalk, in the creation of this GREATEST POLITICAL ACTIVIST VIDEO, EVER! (Paid the dues, to sing the blues...in this video.) Now, thanks to free internet technology, and a little added ZD proprietary semi-hacking, I'm NOW STREAMING "Best of Zuma Dogg vs City Hall 2006-2011" at PoliticialTVStream.com, cause that's what it is. (Public Access TV comes to Zuma Dogg's LA City News blog.) Here's a sample of what what streamed in a half hour. Aka: The HISTORY of L.A. City Hall municipal corruption. AND, this corruption has moved up the ladder and infiltrated the White House. So find out the tricks of the trade (Aka: Fraud & Abuse=CORRUPTION), that led the current FBI INVESTIGATION into @USMayor President and part time L.A. City Mayor, Antonio Villaraiogsa's City Hall. This show features clips from ZD's FIRST MONTH in city council chambers (4/2006), right up until last week's public comments (11/2011). I consider this video to contain the greatest improv comedy and political performances/rants in Zuma Dogg history, which also makes it, in U.S. history. (Worth a look.) The future of blogging is HERE...not just a blog, a "Political TV Stream." Get yours now!

HERE'S AN EMBEDDED 30 MINUTE CLIP OF MINE! (Based on 5 yrs of time compression.)

BONUS: Here's ANOTHER 30 minute show, packed into 17 minutes, cause I talk quickly and smoothly. Zuma Dogg on KNBC (Behind-The-Scene ZumaCAM). If I HAD to pick ONE video to sum up the past five years of L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa & City Hall fraud, waste and abuse, this is probably it. I call it, "Villaraigosa L.A. City Hall 'State of the City' 2006-2009" (which all came true in 2011.

Aka: "Blueprint from Municipal RICO RACKET Corruption and Overall Organized Crime Based Tactics" (Sorry, Antonio. I call it as I see it.)

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